Any know how to Power level?

Can anyone recommend a good way to power level? I don’t mind cheesing (here come the trolls…)… I’m just trying to power level my wife’s character Bc she only likes the torque tournament… otherwise she won’t play lol.

I’m on ps4

The popular way seems to be bar room brawl from the torgue dlc.
Myself I prefer to do missions , takes a bit longer but its more fun.
I reset one of my op8 toons and joined in a 2nd character as I was re-doing the story.
It went from lv1to 30 in no time.

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@MeatPopsicle pretty much covered it. Bring your wife’s character in whenever you pick up or turn in a mission, and the rewards will pile up. Alternatively, park her character in a safe spot (eg the assembly area in Pete’s Bar) and go to town. You could also do this while farming eg. leave the character in Ellie’s garage while farming Mobeley/Gettle, Zaphods/Hodunks, spiderants, etc.

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I inadvertently power levelled a mule while farming the Warrior. Went up a level every kill and each kill doesn’t take that long. No idea if that’s quicker than the Bar Room Brawl but the added bonus is you get loads of Eridium which you can use to buy extra back pack and/or bank space so you can store more weapons :grin:

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I would add to this that very occasionally a bandit technical can get into the gate of Ellies and may cause an issue with this, so i’d recommend parking her at the vending machines just to be safe. Also the Spiderants can hit you with their projectiles sometimes too. It’s rare, but i’ve had it happen.

BarRooms faster, as you don’t have to Save/quit, a a round takes roughly 1.25 minutes and another 18 seconds to turn in and start new round (a little quicker if someone is there turning the mission in and accepting the nextonly have to run just past the top of the stairs then)

May I also add that Moxxi’s Endowment is an absolute must for extra xp

Yes, appreciate the Bar Room Brawl is quicker per run, just don’t know how it compares with XP earned.

I did 20 runs of the Warrior, which netted 400 Eridium for my mule. But it also got him to L24 from scratch. Haven’t timed the runs but with the BeeHawk they certainly don’t take more than a few minutes or so each.

Honestly the boost is so small, I wouldn’t call it an absolute must.

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at the end of one OP8 run of Bar Room for a level 1, it’s between L12 to L15. That’s everything killed and mission turned in

should be around level 25 after about 3 -4 runs

I still don’t understand why people do the powerleveling… Any excuse to play these games more is fine in my book! :smiley:

some feel under leveled and want 3 or 4 levels to balance out the game again.

some want level 4o to go through NVHM and then the same adjustment to go through TVHM

some want it all (up to OP 8 in some cases), and some haven’t started the game they glide through NVHM and TVHM with no problem, then Hit an even bigger wall then most when they start UVHM

Powerleveling in this situation is the definition of pointless due the nature of UVHM scaling.

Bar room brawl. Equip Sal with a Hoarder mod with roughly this build (, and a pair of Topneaas (slag and incendiary), go into Gunzerk, and profit. You literally can stand in the doorway and fire rockets endlessly.

Why no money shot and Why Topneaas, wouldn’t shamfleeting be better? (I’m not hating btw, just curious)

It’s based around 5 Shots or Six with Topneaa using only one round per shot with a free shot thrown in. Area effect is large so you’re able to fire in a general area like Norfleet and kill enemies. Plus the rate of fire is much higher and pairs well with Sal’s massive fire rate bonuses.

The end result is that you can fire rockets without ever having to reload.

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Oh ok, another question is, you said the point of this, you don’t need to reload then why do you have lock and loaded? Cuz wouldn’t the skill be usless, or is it just to move down the skill tree cuz the next 2 skills are useless for this build.

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Yep, mostly skill tree progression. But I should have been more clear earlier that 5So6 only applies to the right (main) hand weapon so you will be reloading the off hand. I normally use slag for off hand and just fire that on occasion to slag targets but the incendiary will be firing constantly. I hope that makes better sense.


For reference so you can see what I’m talking about: