Any known FFYL bugs?

I have 2-3 times now in Tina’s DLC been in FFYL and killed an enemy and it didn’t revive me. Is this some known bug or is there something about this DLC (or FFYL) that I’m not getting?

What enemy did you killed? If it was a big skeleton pierced with sword, you can’t get second wind from it.

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Yeah. I think twice it was from that enemy but also one of the dragons you fight near Roland.

If Roland finished of the dragon you wouldn’t get a second wind

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I’ve had this strange thing happening few days ago:
Playing as Axton, I noticed I got a pop up write every time my turrets got kills, and such message usually appears just after you exit FFYL. Once I got in FFYL, my timer instantly got to 0 xD

I guess that’s possible but I didn’t even consider it because he seemed to be doing almost nothing the entire time. It didn’t seem like he was contributing any damage during the fight so it would be more than a little annoying for his only damage to be the exact moment I needed the FFYL. It wouldn’t surprise me, though. lol.