Any Lv. 72 gear someone could give me?

Can anyone give me a Lv 72. Bekah (Dahl Stock, Vladof Sight, Jakobs grip), Interfacer (Hyperion Stock, Hyperion Grip, Practicable Prefix), Tattler (Bandit Grip, Dahl Stock, Dahl Sight, Element any(except slag)), Longbow Slagged O-Negative, Law (No sight, Jakobs grip), Fire Bee, And a Rapier (Dahl Stock, no sight, Jakobs grip)?

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FYI, a Shock Storm Front is NOT a legitimate item. You can see the valid BL2 Grenades here. The only legitimate Storm Front Grenades are Longbow Storm Front, Homing Storm Front, Lobbed Storm Front and Rubberized Storm Front. The Shock Storm Front is a modded / hacked item that is likely the result of someone modding a Shock Fastball.

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Please remove or change the item in question to a more legitimate one. Thanks.

Sorry I meant longbow storm front, one of my friends is a modder and gave me that item.

Sorry for that. and why?

Because this official forum promotes the game being played ‘as intended’ by the devs. This means that hacked or ‘modded’ items are not to be traded here. Such items also breach Sony and Microsoft terms of service, and therefore the forum rules.

If you have any further queries about this, please pm me or Kitty.

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That’s kinda dumb, in my opinion. :expressionless:

If you don’t like it, there are other forums where you can do what you like. You agreed to these rules when you signed up.

as mentioned above, take this to pm.

I know is it a crime to have a opinion

PM, now, please, if you want to discuss this politely. Otherwise, back on topic.


Please do not reply to this post. Thank you.