Any major shakeups from DLC2?

Don’t have the DLC, but I’m wondering what gear is in there that will shake up FL4K. Any new shields, relics, or weapons that are changing the way you play FL4K?

Haven’t found them myself but I heard good things about Jakobs Crit/Splash guns:
Unseen threat, clairvoyance
So far I’m liking the Serryul Killa and the Anarchy. Even the Lava Piddle seems to pack a punch.

But do get it. The scenery, the whole vibe … great DLC

Anarchy is ■■■■■■■ disgusting on fade away Fl4k when you get all those stacks on it everything gets 1 shotted. I think its my favorite gun in the dlc so far.

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I could imagine a bunch of things that could be fantastic for Fl4k from the DLC. One called the Seventh Sense would be lesser known but comes to mind.

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Does it buff pet damage? That’s the 1 million dollar question

Nothing in the dlc buffs pet damage thats something the people making the game have to fix the com for Fl4k that seems to be geared towards pets is ■■■■. I suspect they may not really get into fixing/buffing characters until mayhem 2.0 gets released. Only thing this dlc has is a bunch of new gear an ok story and cool new locations. If your looking character for character defining stuff for Fl4k you best keep moving.

Clairvoyance seems like it would work well pet FL4K at least. I see appeal of the Unseen threat, although I’d probably just stick with a Carrier to spam projectiles tbh.

What about relics or shields? Anything there?

There is this Pearl of Knowledge artifact, and I cannot quite tell yet what it does, but it appears to stack damage or something? Seems pretty decent so far.


Ooh, does it just stack gun damage or all damage? That could be really neat.

Both, it has 2 damage mechanisms. One for the stacking to the cap of 15 and a second one at cap.

This should jump you to the brief write up I did on it.

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Doesn’t sound like it would work on pets though…

I haven’t been able to get one yet, but the new DLC added the Skullmasher as well. That should be pretty darned good.

From what I’ve heard it can only be found in portal chests and grey tentacle chests.

The only interesting shield is the Old God, it’s a shield that gives you elemental bonus damage depending on the shield elemental resistance. If the shield has resistance to radiation, it gives you 20% more rad damage.

And there’s a lot of good Jakobs weapons for Fl4k. The Love Drill pistol (adds 1 ammo to the mag on crit, has 300% crit bonus and has a 20% chance to do double damage as shock), Clairvoyance as mentioned before, and all the new snipers are great.

And yes, the Anarchy shotgun is really powerful and dumb, the fact that you can 1 shot stuff shooting a wall is nuts.

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The Absorbing Torch is pretty great too. It has a really good stat layout Capacity/charge/delay and pretty cool effects.

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skullmasher destroys :DD

Anarchy for sure, Seryll Killer AR.
The Oldridian SMG is surprisingly good as well. Each time you reload, it changes elements. Pretty handy in that it covers all elements. It is Hyperion and when the shield is activated, it redues elemental effects on you.

Well I figured the new com would work well with Fl4ks Terror Anointment. Low & Behold I sold every piece of equipment with that anointment…

I have been looking for the Skullmasher too. No drops. It is apparently bugged to only appear in the portal chests. Which i wouldn’t mind but my chests wont reset on save quit.