Any major shakeups from DLC2?

I still have 2 pieces left. I was thinking the same thing, but it’s still an annoying gimmick, especially in light of everything we’ve learned about Gamma Burst and terror.

It could be worth it for pet damage, but the amount of damage you’d sacrifice for it is way too much for the damage it adds considering it doesn’t scale with a lot of things that make the pet hit hard anyway.

I’m currently testing different artifacts. I saw someone that the missiles from Launch Pad could as Melee Damage. If that’s true you could use 1 piece of gear to proc terror on melee with launch pad missiles and the new guardian rank perk to slam from any height. Then issue the attack command to give your pet a big damage buff.

The new class mod looks like it basically lets you dominate 2 enemies. 1 on your Meele & another on pet kill. I’m trying to figure out the best pet to use this with, I may end up using Rakk attack anoints for the 100% damage from all sources as well.

That would be cool if it works. One of my big problems with using the terror anoint is that I need to use a Facepuncher to get terror consistently, which means I need to use a weapon slot just for terror generation and still lose another slot of ASE elemental damage. If we can use the relic to proc terror then it would be a tremendous QoL change.

The way I’m envisioning a terror pet build would be a chance to terror on melee, Attack command anoint on shield or grenade, and the 90% crit damage anoint or the 50% cryo damage on the other if possible. That way, your pet has 2 elements from Gamma Burst and Terror, and FL4K has extra radiation damage with either extra crit while terrified, or cryo which shores up radiation’s weakness to armor.

My preliminary napkin math is showing that with about 300% of pet damage and no class mod, the pet should be able to hit about 22k per melee hit with both terror and GB (assuming scorcher). I have no idea what the health pools for level 57 enemies is like yet, so it remains to be seen how good that will actually be. Still, it’s exciting nonetheless.

Yeah messing around the artifact it doesn’t seem to dominate. However, going from Green+Blue to Red+Green you don’t need dominate because the com gives you pet the chance to dominant on last hit. So you effectively get use of the Cap stone without having to spec into that tree.

I think it’s suppose to function more like a Bonus source of damage than a main source. Also with 100% damage after Rakk anoint it allows you to still put out respectable damage, especially if you have ASE on shield & grenade.

I’m still trying to figure out the best Pet to use this with though. The skills on this are nice because you’re looking at a lot of free pet damage. It seems like Scorcher works well because dying from a dot caused by scorcher can dominate, the same applies to Gamma Burst.

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How are you supposed to tell the current element? Surprised a gun part or some extra bit doesn’t change color. With Amara I have so many elemental numbers onscreen at any time that I can’t reliably use them to check the element of the gun.

Seeryl and Anarchy let us know about their special effect visually, why not Oldridian (unless I missed something)?

I think now with the last 2 COMs being a swing and a miss, FL4K may be the worst vault hunter. It depends on how good Moze’s life steal is. But FL4K is getting kinda stale. IDK what they were thinking with the last COM.

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Yeah, unfortunately there is no color change to the weapon itself.
Just need to watch what is happening to the enemy. Though it kills pretty quickly most of the time not always 100% sure what element it hi t with.

With Zane and his clone it has gotten pretty crazy. Alot of fun…

This! I don’t think he’s the worst VH though. Still capable of doing everything the game throws at us. But … stale it is. Boring to have nothing new to run. Stackbot is just too unreliable/gimmicky.

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If you like Guerrillas in the mist like I do then you’ll want the dlc just to play around with the Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge. I threw it on a Jakobs crit build I’m working on and holy skagg balls that thing is lit. I’m actually working on a Gitm build based around that artifact and the consecutive hits aniontment now, I had a build that just destroyed with a CH Brainstormer so this should rock.
An anarchy with splash on ase will be great for pet builds atleast.

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What about the artifact Lunacy? Is anybody using that with any builds? I’m interested in it for Power Inside builds, really beefing up my shield so it can withstand more blows and let me keep my bonus longer.

i know this is not at trading thread but any chance i could get a copy of that absorbing torch? does it continuously shoot the fireballs as long as your shield is down? (falshback of fire krieg with the firehawk shield)

Its an interesting COM, the only problem isn’t with the COM, but with the pets themselves. If the pets could do damage on M4, it wouldn’t be veiwed as badly as it currently is.

Some of them can already. It’s still a bad effect that just delays a kill they would have gotten for a useless flesh bag.