Any modders wanting scripting help?

I have, at the moment, time I can spend on modding other mods than mine so instead of recruiting, I am asking if anyone wants any help instead.

I don’t have any major scripting tasks to hand off right this moment, but if you wanted to provide some playtesting time drop me a line on steam,

Ok. :wink:

A question: is this for Homeworld 2 classic because mine broke a bit and now I can’t use it. If it is for HW2, I will get it fixed as soon as possible.

Nawp. My dev efforts are focused on HWR versions now.

Long live Remastered!

The Taiidan Republic Mod needs a bit of basic scripting doing at some point. Ships, races, weapons, research - nothing too exciting but I’d be grateful for the help.

Stuff like that should be fairly easy to set up, i was having a hard time with the AI until i had a very insightful chat with typhoon from PDS.

Yes, time is the limiting factor for me really…

…You have time to model and texture a fleet of ships for a whole race, but not their weapons and research?

Good point. Based on assumptions about the second coming and the average life expectancy for my demographic, I think I do have time to do everything myself.

However since @nathanielmattock has kindly offered help, I’d like to take him up on it. I suppose I’m just saying it would save time…

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I don’t like modelling and texturing, but build scripts and research scripts are great!

I am helping with the Taiidan republic mod so I can’t really work with anything else at the moment.

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Damn I was too slow. There’s a bunch of Stargazer’s scripts that I’ve been unable to fix on my own for HWR.

That’s the price of a week away in the Victorian mountains I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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