Any money grenades out there?


Just wanna ask if there any money grenades that is easy to find? If YES where?

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Best way is to check vendors. Thats how i got all of mine while leveling. Never had one drop from an enemy yet.

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Yep I see lots in the machines.

The best money grenade I have come across was from one of the pre order / special edition legendary grenades. Sorry can’t remember which pack it came in or its name.

I used a lvl 11 one all the way to 50 and was getting hundreds of thousand at 50 with it.

To get one if you have a friend or someone on the boards on the same platform that bought the special edition can help, ask if they can create a new character and give you a lvl 1 one this will then let you throw it in the middle of enemies and do no dmg to you while it rains cash all the way to 50.

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I agree with previous posters. Vending machines usually have it. I got my first Annointed grenade there. It has double money and jump. Highly recommend those parts.

I believe it’s called the Rubber Cheddar Shredder


To use a bad pun, the Atlas Greed Tracker has been money. Some Atlas variants say that they drop “some cash”, but this one says it drops “lots of cash“ when you damage enemies. I believe it was from a vending machine.

Pretty sure that you can get them as world drops since I have seen several drop that way.

It’s a Cheddar shredder. (Mine says beddar cheddar shredder). However there is a problem with your suggestion. Gearbox locked the preorder/deluxe/superdeluxe items in this game, which means in order to use the item you need to own the pack it’s from.

I dropped a cheddar shredder grenade for a friend. It stated on the card that it requires deluxe edition to use it.

However regular money grenades are in vendors alot and can drop from enemies. I see them alot in the ammo vendors.

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Ahh had no idea they were account locked, figured they were like any other Leg and tradeable to a friend thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

I find em all the time in vendors.

The 'nades that say “some” cash are pretty easy to find. There is a higher tier though that says “lots of cash” and it’s a bit more rare to come across but I saw two tonight just playing a few hours. I’ve noticed “lots cash” that I’ve seen have all been purple.

Good luck!

I picked up a nice “Trust Fund Tracker” that drops a “buttload” of cash with homing and ×3 money. If only it was anointed with regen. Their is also a homing,bounce,bounce,money one that will hit the enemy five times in a row that I feel is better. If the gernades are low level you can farm money without killing anyone on even the weakest mob.

I had planned to do tests but I’m bad with that kind of thing. I know I have a Purple Grenade with
-Split into 2
-Spawns 3 MIRV
-Drops some cash
and then I got another Purple I bought a few days ago
-Grenade Damage
-Grenade Radius
-Drops A LOT of cash
Then there is obviously the Cheese Shredder.

I do wonder how the money is calculated. Per enemy hit? Per times it hit the enemy? What is the difference between some/lot/buttload of cash drops?

I don’t have issues with money anymore but when I did I would just use any money grenade and go throw it at Troy. Even the Monster you fight with Maya works because their arenas drop so many grenades you always have some to chuck. An alternative is also find an area that spawns vehicles and just throw grenades at them. Some are near vending machines.