Any more dlc for pre sequel?

is there any news on whether gearbox will continue to support dlc for the pre sequel?

Probably not. They said before release that ALL 4 dlcs will be in season pass.
I think I’m OK with that, they’ll have more time for BL3 and Battleborn :wink:

so all four dlc for pre sequel were jack baroness holodome and claptraps voyage then? pretty lackluster dlc. dont get it wrong i love the pre seuel almost as much as borderlands 2 just wish there was more story driven dlc

Well the presequel just wasn’t well received, I mean it was a good/fun game but just wasn’t the caliber of bl2.

Further I think think they released the game during a period where people were beginning to shift to the latest generation of consoles and releasing it ONLY on last gen was a bad move when at the time other companies were at least porting the last gen games to current generation consoles.

Now to boot, the tps released for the current generation is a terrible port with the screen tears and lag people have experienced. So this port isn’t doing tps any favors in terms of fanfare.

I personally didn’t find tps very funny or off the wall loony like bl2 was. I know everyone has a different sense of humor but I thought it was pretty flat compared to bl2. Though I thought claptrap dlc was quite humorous.

I think we would have definitely seen more dlcs had the game had better success in sales and fanfare.

The issue I could see with a new DLC is do they continue to release it for the old generation or do they just release it for the current generation? The way I understand it is that this dlc was ported to the current gen via another company and quite frankly I am not too happy with companies contracting out these smaller companies to port their games, the quality just isn’t the same.

well said. I fully agree. but I do think tps is still good fun in opinion. I do have a knack for nisha and the luck cannon. fan te hammer!!! so op’d.

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