Any News on a Level Cap Rise?

I enjoyed playing through PT2/2.5 and T/UVHM in the previous games because I continued to get skill points and build my character. As I approach the end of Normal, in one of my games, it’s obvious I’m going to end up in the mid-L40s. Half a dozen levels are not going to see me through TVHM :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there any word on a future level cap rise? If one is coming, I would rather start new characters on Normal and then return to previous characters when I can progress in the “traditional” Borderlands way.

Has anyone heard?

P.S. Yes, I know there are Guardian Ranks but they are not the character changers that skills tend to be.

Every game in the series so far has raised the level cap with DLC. I’d expect the first level cap raise to maybe happen when the first premium DLC comes out in December, or possibly when the second one comes out (presumably in March or thereabouts)

More like 2nd and 4th DLC.

That’s certainly what happened in the previous games but BL3 is significantly different in this respect. In the previous games, you could only reach the level cap through “new game +”. Now you can hit it on Normal. My feeling, from reading the posts here, is that “end game” is more important to most players than campaign play & TVHM. So we already have a lot of folk collecting guns at L50 after just playing through Normal.

A level cap rise will “invalidate” their collection efforts as all their legendaries, or whatever, will immediately be outclassed. Will they be happy that they have to play TVHM or grind with Mayhem Mode to reach the new cap and collect the guns all over again? If this game follows the pattern of its predecessors, there will be a third rise and the end-gamers will face the same situation a second time!

If I was GBX, I might not want to cheese-off a large part of my player base. So, unlike the previous games, I don’t see a level cap rise as a certainty. Hence, I was wondering if there was any positve news.

Yeah it’s never really stopped them before.

As recently as what? 3 months ago?

The level cap increase included with Lilith’s DLC for BL2 was completely unneccesary, so they threw it in there.

Personally I’d expect 50 to be it for a long while - level cap for BL1 increased fairly quickly, but if I’m thinking right 2 didn’t get the first UVHM pack for a while after release. It feels like I was max level for tina’s but not for hammerlock? It’s been a long time ago through so I couldn’t say.

Get what you can and practice, experiment, refine.

That’s how I always see the initial cap.

Give me more content & skillpoints, I gladly farm those legendaries again. It gets a little boring to run out of things to farm for.


Hammerlock was before Tina you dingus.

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Right, I meant it the other way around.

Shush, vodka is my only friend.

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I fear you may well be right. It didn’t impact me so much in BL2 because I had 5 characters with 2 playthroughs each to hit the cap, plus I’d have co-op games on the side. That took me through the 6 months or so to the cap rise. However, skill progression won’t get me through TVHM in BL3 :frowning_face:

BL3 was certainly designed to better serve the end game players and that’s great. However, somewhere in there, I think GBX may have lost sight of their traditional campaign players, giving us fewer reasons to play through TVHM. Perhaps they will break tradition and give us more skill points earlier, to make TVHM worthwhile. But I’m not holding my breath.

I absolutely agree on the skill points & content :grinning: As someone for whom the attraction of collecting guns is unfathomable :grinning: , I’m surprised that doing all that grinding again doesn’t perturb you. I’m glad there are those who like both aspects of the game :slightly_smiling_face:

Honestly my favorite thing about TVHM so far is that it keeps your map progress but you keep the “things” to unlock the “things” you couldn’t before on the map, meaning I’m still making progress towards 100%ing every map without having to go back and do everything on normal again or do everything I’ve already done in normal in TVHM again to get that 100% map completion rate in my “current” game. And I get to do that without backtracking while I’m working on completing TVHM to give best end game loot drops.

I get that’s probably more of an end game player bit, but it’s my main motivation to get through everything. Don’t know if it helps, hopefully your playthroughs get better.


this is nonsense, level caps will be raised and all our precious 50 lvl equipment will be worth nothing and no one is going to quit the game for that.


Exactly, refarming the guns we love is what we are looking forward to :wink:

This. They aren’t going to raise the level cap after a few months. I’d say no sooner than 6 months to a year.

@Greybeard That’s the whole point of borderlands. You get the best gear and a year later raise the level and do it again. That’s why people who dup, glitch, or cheat shouldn’t be listened to. They are only going to stick around for a few months and move on. Happened with BL2, BL1, TPS, and it will happen again with BL3.

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I’m glad you enjoy this aspect of the game but it’s far from the whole point. I have over 4K hours in BL2, 2-3K in BL1 (probably more) and over 1K in TPS. I have never “collected guns”. My thing is starting a new character and seeing where it goes this time :grinning: I know I’m not alone because all my regular co-op partners take the same approach.

In the previous games the end-gamers had to complete a couple of playthroughs to get to a point to start farming. Now they don’t but, in the process, it has made TVHM less attractive for those of us interested in campaign play. That’s a shame.

However, as I said in my original post, perhaps I’ll run all the characters through Normal first and see where we are on a cap rise, then.

Sorry, should have answered in my previous post. I genuinely didn’t know that re-farming gear on a cap rise was a thing. It has not been until reading the replies in this thread that I realized it was so attractive. It’s not something that I, or my regular co-op partners, have ever done. I suspect the tens of different characters I have in each of the BL games, from campaign play, is just as alien to you :smiley:

buddy i have had more characters then you can ever think of. i was a 1lifetolive challenge player as well as 7 year experience in borderlands universe, played all characters except krieg and played them multiple times too. i never clinged onto either my characers or guns. journey is the joi not the end result of looking at all the shinies you have and only using about 10 of them to destroy the game.

I dread more levels

World drops make farming anything really unfun for me

I hope it comes with the first DLC.

Yeah, re-farming kinda sucks, but those extra skill points will be glorious.

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I look forward to farming for more legendary’s again at the next cap. And having x amount of more skills points is going to be very interesting for build variety :smiley:

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Simple answer. Some time next year. I’m going to guess during the summer time.