Any news on a release date?

I know this is an old an worn out topic on the old forum…but is there ANY news at all on a possible release date? I remember I bought the pre-order package when it was first offered. Was my money taken at that time or will it be taken from my account when the software is officially released? Been so long I cannot remember if it was taken out of my bank account.

Been looking forward to this release for a long time. Doesn’t look like there has been much activity on the old forum as of late. Maybe if there was some word or input from Gearbox it might inspire a bit more involvement from the members. Hard to keep coming back and just speculating among ourselves.

The only time frame mentioned is sometime of or around February.

As far as payment… I “believe” Amazon only charges when the product is shipped. That is, they don’t charge for pre-orders.

Thanks Lethal…

Been wondering about the shipping date myself… checked my amazon order and spotted a 2016 estimated delivery… This may be (hopefully is) Amazon messing something up, but I was wondering if anyone had heard or seen anything else?

I wanna know about HW3, i asked about a PS4 version and it wasn’t ruled out, but a PS4 version of HW2 Gearbox ruled it out. Or maybe not.

Lets wait and get HW1 and 2 installed on our machines again before we start talking HW 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Its all about HW3, Shipbreakers was announced long before HD remaster of H2.

Let’s not encourage the development of a console version of Homeworld. It doesn’t belong on the consoles. It’s playability would not be improved by being on the console.

Any PC version would inherently be limited and restrained by the simultaneous development of a console version. There isn’t a game that is improved by being on a console versus a PC.


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No kidding. Homeworld should never EVER even be considered to be allowed anywhere near a console.

That same argument could be said for other games as well, look at GTAV a console based game, some would argue it has no place on the pc, but facts is, it doesn’t matter. Look at XCOM Enemy UnKnown, the control scheme was excellent and C&C Red Alert on the PS3 was amazing.
You post is pointless, fact is both the PS4 and X1 can handle HomeWorld with no Problem.
Sidenote: Witcher 3 Pc PS4 X1

There are a lot more RTS games on consoles that were total crap ports, so one game out of how many? Saying Red Alert 3 played well on the PS3 is a stretch, but it’s better on a PC in terms of controls. XCOM is Turn Based, so you can’t use that example, and GTA is also not a good example either. We are talking about a RTS on a 3D Plane.

We’re not talking about power of consoles in comparison to PCs either, it’s not relevant to the conversation. Homeworld simply does not translate well to a console control scheme.

Just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should.

Who said console? Pftt, maybe I could imagine it woking on a tablet (with keyboard too) but as far as controller goes no way you can select and move things easily around, also while zooming and panning…
But I’d love do play any virtual reality version of the games… real fights in 3D space!

Your talking out of your hat now, Ruse was an RST and it ran great on the PS3 and 360, your arguments are pointless.
Sidenote: Warthundrer PS4 a full 360 capable game.

Again, it has nothing to do with HOW IT RUNS. Read what I wrote, I clearly stated it has nothing to do with specs.

Mouse + Keyboard is the better control scheme for Homeworld, which is the game we are talking about. Stop bringing up irrelevant games just to say it’s also on a console.

Do even have a PS4 ? Have you even played War Thunder? I play the game on a mouse and keyboard on the PS4.

Still don’t know why you keep bringing up other games, but if M+KB is a default thing for the PS4 or XB1 then I don’t see an issue anymore. I’d have an issue with them trying to shove some half baked controller scheme to justify it, but if it required a M+KB? Fine by me.

For the record, if you had just said that from the beginning instead of talking about other games, this discussion would have been much simpler. I don’t own this gen consoles as I don’t feel the desire to as most of what I play is PC only anyhow, but I don’t blindly hate on consoles (which I get the feeling you assume I do).

Also, I did play War Thunder for a while. With a joystick :wink:

So you play a game, using a mouse and keyboard, on an incredibly inferior piece of hardware, and are advocating still more games be made on this incredibly inferior piece of hardware?

Consoles. Are. Inferior. I don’t care if it “runs well on a console”. That means it was dumbed down and engineered to run on a console. The graphics will be limited. The unit counts would be limited. Number of players limited. Far beyond what would be the case if it was developed for the PC exclusively.

Please look at Star Citizen. Look at the graphical fidelity. Look at the ambitious scope of their project.

Then say “Let’s do this on a console!” You will sacrifice all of the scope, all of the visuals, to get it working.

All we’ve heard indicates that Homeworld Remastered is going to be gorgeous and that the visual presentation/graphics is amazing, particularly if you have high-end PC hardware. You can’t replicate that with a console. It’s simply not possible, the hardware is too weak.

A word about platform war:


Back on topic now. Release date speculation.

My speculation?

The sooner the better!

The panel is so close now: can’t wait!

(says the above while next month there’s 3 exams and a whole pile of things to study yet… damn)

Speculation ended: 25 february is the day the world explodes!

Pre-Ordered it the second it popped up. The final countdown begins!