Any news on fixing Toby lore?

I’m wondering if anyone has heard anything involving Toby’s “Killing on Rails” Lore challenge? Are they planning on making this actually plausible? I mean, Attikus’s “In His Face” challenge is bad enough, but at least it’s semi-possible (kinda…). It relies on pure luck unlike other challenges which either require some skill or just effort placed into playing the character.

I moved on to start playing Toby after maxing WF (bar his last lore challenge, with match after match after match of no OMs) and then I read this challenge and was like… “welp” :expressionless:

lol but at least in the meantime he’s fun to play xD

He is fun and I adore him to death, but damn… that lore challenge.

It is utterly ridiculous, and i pray that Gearbox either allows lore challenges to be completed in private PVP matches (SOLO, if balancing is required. Though with gear like “Alamo Armour”, and characters like Galilea, character-specific legendary gear really doesn’t need to be behind a grind wall…), or creates PVE variants for PVP-only lore challenges, and vise-versa. Like with OP, he is my favorite character, and it kills ne that after 50+ matches AT LEAST, i still haven’t gotten even one double-kill with core discharge. I regret grinding out my battle rank in story missions now, because i get put with competent players EVERY. SINGLE MATCH. So it’s just not going to happen now. Benedict’s lore challenges, which are easily the worst all together, took me 3 days (i admittedly completed “The Tour” with a group of others in the story"); i’ve been playing with Toby since launch, and know how to use him WITHOUT hanging back, but this challenge will never happen for me without a change. Please, Gearbox, listen to the community; end this nightmare.