Any news on scaling the Maliwan Black Site?

It’s in the title… :grinning:

No peep from GB. Maybe on hotfix Thursday?

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Last time I asked a dev told me to git gud, what ever that means.


Anyway, this whole delay thing confuses me.
BL1, 2, TPS and 3 mainline like, uh, already scales for number of players. I don’t understand why the Takedown is particularly different in that, just use the same scaling algorithms you already have for the rest for the game.

I know I’m missing something, perhaps bleeding obvious, about the challenge in scaling the Takedown, but I can’t figure out what it is.

And yeah, I’d like it done also since I’m not gud nuff to solo the Takedown.

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Soloing it was like eating bricks until I found one that tasted good.
Gud is just means you’re up for dying enough to get one good run, lol.

Don’t feel bad. There are much easier ways to get a Woodblocker.


Sounds like me in Digistruct Peak - Maybe this time I can kill Dukino’s Mom… Oh no, well, I have time for one more run…

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Everything challenging in borderlands 3 being compared to digistruct peak is getting old. I miss Dukino’s mom.

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I dont think its right to scale the dlc for 4 players there are a lot of solos out there that cant do it. Seems like its another raid like one destiny where its impossible with out a party. I get it is a good add on just make it to where you can do it alone or with people. Dont force people to make a party thats just dumb.

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From the hotfix notes today:

I’d rather it take two more months than lose guardians ranks again or another big bug due to rushing take your time maybe buff droprates while your at it too please

And don’t put gear in the raid that is fundamental to a class, Rakpak mod as an example

it’s one thing to have a juicy raid only wep, it’s another to withhold key items to an entire class unless you conform and play the way GB want you to

so much for choice