Any News on the Stuttering Issue

Is there any news as to whether Gearbox intends to fix the stuttering issue with BL3, or have they quit supporting this game? I have a mid to high end system, and have tried every conceivable fix available on the internet, and nothing completely resolves the problem.

Here’s a link to a video showing the issue… Stuttering in Borderlands 3 - YouTube

I think there will be no more technical support for BL3, bug reports that were submitted ages ago were never answered and the blatant bug are still here, all teams probably work on TTW now.

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Wow, they removed my complaints about denuvo.

Seriously, why nobody is fixing this issues is beyond me. The funny thing is that stuttering is not associated with higher load on CPU or disk transfers.

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Why hasn’t the issue been fixed? That’s simple. There isn’t any money in continuing to support BL3. Ethics no longer matter to these big corporations.

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