Any news on the voice over update for DLC3?

Because it released only with German dubbing, and it was only mentioned that the rest of languages will be added “at a later date”.

Since me and well every bl2 player I know that is French or Spanish isnt touching the DLC3 until the dubbing is updated, I gently, calmly and non tantrumy request some info, or time frame, about that update.

This is more aimed at devs or community managers than users, as it is a simple info request rather than a discussion.


I’m sure if they’d had a confirmed timeline available when the DLC was released they would have included it in the announcement. Unfortunately, I suspect it’s still too early for anyone to know when the localizations will be released - it’s only been four days so far.

Bump, I still wanna know more info about when is it going to be updated.

In fact, given the dlc has been sold as a dubbed product, I could have asked more details about this right when it launched.

I can be very comprehensive about the Covid delaying the dubbing (despite not seeing why German was included) and calmly wait, and, at the same time, find their comment of “it will be updated at a later date” not enough.

Well, I mean, probably because it was already done and they had it at hand.

I wanna hear zane in Japanese!

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Each country has had a different experience and different rules around the pandemic. Maybe the German team were just in a better position to get the work done than the teams for other languages?

They probably don’t know when the VAs will be able to go in and do the recordings due to local differences in the severity of the pandemic and relevant public health regulations. Honestly, trying to give definite time lines for anything right now is difficult for just about anyone.

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In any case the wait is too long. It’s unplayable with subtitles.

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You know what? Im starting to believe, no matter if the voice overs are done yet or not, we are not probably gonna see them added until the next update.

Not a hotfix, which we had a couple post dlc, as probably those cant be hotfixed.

So maybe until next patch, which we know they dont come so fast, we wont have em added.

So probably yes, they really know a time frame where the missing voice overs will get added.

Just left a negative review on steam for dlc 3, because 3 weeks waiting is long but still could be acceptable, but 0 news about this is not any respectful or acceptable, for me, the consumer that didnt get all his goods delivered.

I wonder how long is the “acceptable” delay for you, people with 0 empathy with a problem that doesnt affect you, to start complaining?

Probably 1 week if it affected you, but since it doesnt, how long is acceptable for you? It has been already 1 month delayed, meaning most of non english or german borderlands players have been shafted, not being able to play the dlc3, probably going to play it after everything has been spoiled, nerfed, and “old”.

2 months? Because 1, as it is now, sure it is a “very short delay” for you, non empathy, non affected people?

Because 3 months is what it takes to get the last dlc, and for sure it wouldnt make much sense to release dubbing for dlc3 along with dubbing with dlc4.

So I ask you, obviously with some butthurt sarcasm, when do you think the wait is starting to get too long? Not 1 month, as it sure is a veeery short delay (again, if it affected you it would be different :P) but not 3 months, as that would be obviously a big delay. 2 months is the sweet spot where we can start seriously complaining about that delay?

Well, already waited one month, so it will be nothing to wait another month!

At least I expect, on 21st August, to have the dlc3 dubbed, or being able to rightfully, lawfully complain about such delay! But we know it wont be like that, because you just dont want to see any critic to Gearbox if you dont suffer the same issue!

But hell, if you do, then you can complain like mad, for something much minor, like diluted loot pools, small bugs or whatever. But not for a missing dubbing 1 month after release, eh?

PS: Do what you want with this thread, post, and even user account. Ban, mute, disable, ■■■■, hide post, idc.

Im still making use of my right, as a customer, to ask about dates, or even complain about undelivered content, no matter how much you harass me.

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You have all the right to be pissed.
I played it cause im German but if there would be no German dub i would have waited since i play with my younger brother. He hates to play in English while i find it better at English tho i don’t mind really.

Its kinda hard the situation we are in with this game and gbx as a company doesn’t do a great job at communicating.
I totally get the frustration and you should sue them maybe if its possible.
Maybe we should as a community cause there is just to much things with this unfinished product going wrong since it released.

If our reasoning to sue them is legit i think a crowd case would be possible that way gearbox would have to pay out refunds.

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Just a reminder: being annoyed about something doesn’t mean you get to ignore the forum rules.

Likely a matter of timetable. Some dubbing might have been done early, or maybe the german company handling dubbing in their langage stayed open despite the COVID.

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Thanks for your reply, despite reading all borderlands-related I could find, I missed that line. That is at least “some” communication, which is amazing vs 0 communication 1 month after.

Yes, kinda pissed as obviously, its like with a tv series, if you used to watch the seasons 1 to 5 dubbed, you are not going to enjoy watching a few chapters in original version, so you rather wait.

But within this symil, its true that any series that had that happen (issues with dubbing due to covid) were much faster than gbx with the same issue. Of course I play many games integrally in english and enjoy them, but not in this case, as Borderlands always had amazing dubbing, and even kept using same voice actors through all the series.
While suing or asking for a refund doesn’t even cross my mind, some communication (you know, some PR talk giving some excuses, fake concern for the issue, and an estimate time window) is all that was asked for.
The truth is French, Spanish or Italian speakers are mostly skipping the DLC, and by the time we can fully play it, it will have got its good amount of buffs, nerfs etc. Not too bad for one month, but 2 or 3 would be really crazy.