Any news on tier 2 and 3 skins? Also when is the dlc for the season pass holders coming out?

As it is having a hard time getting back into battleborn really haven’t played it much. Was wonder when the skins are going to come out so I have something to play for and save up credits. Plus I want to know when the dlc is coming that I paid for hope its not to long or ima be out the money I spent on the deluxe edition because I may not really come back to battleborn.

No news yet

Stop asking this. Skins are a lot harder to make than gamers realize. You have to pick the right colors for the characters and make sure all the animations still work. It’s literally a complex process on par with docking a space craft to the International Space Station. So please be patient.

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While I agree people should stop asking, it’s no where near as difficult as docking to the iss. Also, it doesn’t help that they had skins hiding in the game since the beta.

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As an actual texturer, I had absolutely no clue that clicking on an icon and hitting a “use” button was how you docked with the International Space Station. You know, it sounds pretty easy to me! Also, I’m pretty sure the developers made sure they’d have an easy time incorporating content into their own game, so by no means is this actually hard. Just getting good ideas is.

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I get its hard work any job is going to be tough but I don’t like your attitude I’m sorry I paid 80$ for a game that might not be alive and playable in the next month or so. Like I stated I don’t even play it and was wondering when I would get the dlc I paid for well a release date and the tier 2 skins that were promised to us with Alani or they just need to stop ■■■■■■■ up what they say and re word everything seeing as this is like the 5th mistake they’ve stated something and didn’t mean it.

Yeah cough cough cough they are doing true DLC disk locked content cough destiny. That’s why I’m a bit annoyed too is all the skins are on the game already and should have been out sooner when they said they would originally release them.

From my understanding gbx was going to release them with alani but 2ks marketing department had other plans…as for it being on the disc in not sure if it was on there when the game released I think when they added alani the update was already set to include the skins and they either wanted to give us a glimpse of them or (more likely) they forgot to disable them from that part of the game.

As far as I know, at least some could already be seen worn by the bots in private PvP during Open Beta.

O well I didn’t know that…maybe there trying to work on making skins for every character before they release them all. People would get even more upset if they released what they have finished and their favorite character didn’t have a new skin yet

Only a select few characters have the Gold and Cyber skins for now, haven’t seen anyone upset about this.
It would be better to publish the ones they have now than to keep them hidden until everyone has a variant, imo.

No news yet, we’ll get all the infos need in the Battleborn -> News section.

I care more about getting new maps and campaign missions. Skins are just cosmetic nothing more. It’s the gameplay content that matters most.

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I’m waiting for the skins too, but the funny thing is when we will use them the difference will not be that much, because we only will see when we use the taunt.