Any news on Update?

Any news on an update for beta?

I’m pretty eager for one as well, but I doubt gearbox moves that fast.

I would give it at least 1-2 weeks before we see one. Perhaps that long before we even hear about one…

Click the “Dev Tracker” link up above the main forum listing.

They have said they hope to have one to fix critical issues out early next week.

Didin’t they say early next week?

I hope it does more for multiplayer, it’s an alpha at best atm.

I’m hoping they consider improving stability a critical issue. Games where everyone can connect and everyone manages to avoid getting dropped somewhere during the game have been extraordinarily rare. Honestly, it’s kind of reminding me of the experience with HW2 was new - nice graphics, poor stability - especially MP.

It would also be nice if they could end the Taiidani collectors’ work stoppage.

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