Any nisha tips?

i wanna play as her but don’t if i be any good

Main tip, don’t think you are bad with the whip, it just is the way it is.

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My nisha tip is to use claptrap. Lmao I’ve never used her.

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Tombstone :wink:

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who cares how good you are? she has auto aim for her action skill. combine that with tombstone and everything will be dead within seconds without you ever having to aim.

Crapshooter mod with trick shot and tombstone

go check my guides :slight_smile:

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thanks nice guides

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thanks everybody

Where ya been chuck

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I never really left: I still come by at least once a day, but I guess I have less to say these days :slight_smile:


Edited for brevity sake…
Dadzerker has toddler duty. :wink:
I hope you and the fam are well Chuck. :innocent: