Any of the Original Borderlands Forum guys still around?

Last time I was here was 2012 or 2013 where me, Skyline, DaCheat, etc were having Underdome Tournaments with Gothalion and Mr CiG and calling out modded weapons on Willowtree.

Anyone still around from those days? Looks like the forums changed quite a bit from when I last visited

I am pretty excited to get the Remaster on PS4. Nostalgia trip for sure.


@Dacheat is here, along with a bunch of others. Check out the Gearchat Wars thread in the Loot and Weapons section for starters.



lots of us.


Never left lol.


Did a bunch of people get new names? Lol. I hadn’t been on here in so long that my old account with like 9k posts on it is just gone

We all had to get new names and sign up all a-new. The old v.bulletin forum was scrapped for this shiny new layout. And in turn erased our past and intense post counts lol

Nice to see you again.

I didn’t play much (any?) co-op in the original, but yeah.

Haven’t seen Mr. CiG around for quite some time.

Emphasis on intense. You guys where crazy back in the day.

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Yeah last I saw CiG was when we did the underdome Tournament when he partnered with Goth (way before Goth went big time)

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You too! Yeah I think I was in the 10k+ IIRC. @Dacheat had me beat cuz he is a little ■■■■

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Yup. Still here. Lots of things have changed, lots are still the same.


I am so excited to download the remaster and start the hunt for the guns I never got. Perfect XX Savage Unforgiven, the 530 Red Bitch, a barrel 4 Aries…

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Also how do I change my profile name?

Hey Ven

How’s it hanging man?

You want it to be Venomous72? PH or myself could do that for you.

Good! Just getting stoked to get back into the game. Since I played last I have a 3 year old so it will be interesting balancing my time haha. How are you?

Yes if you could do that that would be appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT: Thanks!

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Ass-hole genie mode: Wish granted. It’s stock 1, mag 2, sight 1, and RV body. But hey barrel 4 amirite?

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