Any one getting the same horde of error messages?

I actually recorded :frowning:
Details in the description of the video.This is so frustrating.Yet no answers from support team.

The game is playable, once a match actually starts that is. But keep getting these is really annoying and every once in a while I got kick out of the game when finishing a match.

I really like this game, I don’t want to turn away from it. But overwatch does run perfectly :frowning:

Haven’t seen that error message on PC yet. I’ve had a few exception errors probably related to drivers but not connection errors. Possibly a PlayStation Network issue with the Gearbox servers? Hopefully someone can help you out.

Tweets to devs, no replies.
Support team told me send a video to them, I sent one to them, no replies not even acknowledgement :frowning:
I know the devs or support team can be busy, but not even acknowledgement of the issue ? this just made me feel they don’t care :frowning:

Yeah, so far no one seems care.
I contact the support team, one member at least was helpful and provided some generic advices, which didn’t help and told me to send a video.
I never heard from them since not even " we got your video, we are investigating" :frowning: