Any One Here Anymore?

(Champion of the Battle Pits) #1

Does anyone still play? Looking to do PvE (Bots Battle, Story, Ops). I played the game almost to :100: on XBOX, but the community there petered out fast. Have it on PS4 now and would like to play for lore, achievement, and loot hunting.
Usually able to play Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays.

(since CTT) #2

On PS these days, I’d say alive but not kicking … :woozy_face:

(Champion of the Battle Pits) #3

Ice_Cold_Jay_D2. If you see me on, give me a shout.

(Brute 912) #4

I play it on PS4. My PlayStation Network account is Dragon-Soul_912. I usually do Advanced/Hardcore on my own. I would love to do a full group that does Advanced Story mode and Operations. I got the season pass. I still wondering when “Battleborn 2” will come. I could be doing fan art by now for Battleborn and other inspirations, but right now I’m not feeling it. :confused:


You can try looking in the PS4 communities. There are often others looking to group up for PvE as well as members willing to help with lore challenges and such. Also, I don’t mind doing PvE every once in a while as a change of pace.

(Brute 912) #6

I actually drop out of a community twice because there were certain people I did not want to see in versus. They get in my nerves because they always focus on me and then their entire group help him out during the matches fueling their arrogance. I hate their play style.