Any one need help

does anyone need help running the peak, powerleveling, etc and i have plenty of legendaries and pearls so if you need anything hit me up

I need help leveling up my level 22 Axton can you help on Monday at 3:00ish?

i should be on too do that so np

Can you power level my level 10 gaige today? (Sunday). Ps4

yeah sure zombie

I’m a level 50 and I’m looking for some legendaries so I can do uvhm


ok i have plenty whats ur psn?

gatorsaredopeeee I’m on right now @beastgamer

ill be on in a little

Okay @beastgamer

I could use some help on my Commando getting from OP 3-8 on PS3 if you’re around and have the time.

yeah sure empty blade

I’m almost finished with OP 5 if just add me on PSN: emptyblade68 when you’re available

i requested u cincinattifan

i need to be op8, a double penetrating unkempt, and a cobra. can ya help with at least 2/3?

my psn is gunblade400 btw.

hey beastgamer, im ready. lets play

i can help you in a little while glenbossart

If you’re still power leveling people I could use some help. Trying to get my Axton to lvl 50 (lvl 43 currently) and I also need to start a Salvador up. Just trying to get the last few trophies for the plat so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.