Any one wanna level 70 Dva Proletarian Revolution in exchange for any level 70 Maggie or luck cannon?

Grinder not being very nice

You should post this in the trade forum for your platform, not the loot forum. Also, you should post your ID so people can find you easily.

I wouldve given i could find it

If you’re on PS3 I can help you with getting a level 70 Maggie.
Lunshined to Pierce Shields.
Straight Shootin’ prefix.
Jakobs parts.

I’ll see if I can get a Luck Cannon.


Figured by your last thread that you’re on PS4. I moved it for you.

Hope you get what you seek.

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Lol thanks kinda had trouble finding it

Any time mate.

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Damn if only i was on ps3

I’m on ps4. I can help you. I have lvl 70 luck cannon. My psn is dmntdmstrmnd. I’ll be on after work. Add me.

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