Any one want to co-op

if so send me a message or reply here :~)

As in play through TPS? I’m down for it.

add me cleanerboy

I’m on PSN as Mr_Matt.

Happy to play.

Hey, I don’t wanna sound pushy, but what levels are your characters? I have a pretty diverse bunch and i can probably help out with farming and such add me drbong_27_420

Sgrobo add meh

I have a level 16 Nisha first play thru if anybody is down. Gamertag BorisTheBlade419 add me

il coop with u but i just started playing

Hey, Im down for anything but single player mode. ive beaten the game on all playthroughs and lost my profile save due to a system reset. but still have my Melee Athena. Im down to play some with you and anyone else that pops on here to see this post. PSN Tri-Truth36

Hi I’m up for some borderlands fun my psn is CleanerBoy I’ve got loads of different level characters and a mic add me if you want to play

Got loads of different levels mate ill add u

My tags CleanerBoy add me

My psn I’d is CleanerBoy add me

What’s ur psn I’d mines is CleanerBoy

Hey if you guess want to start a new playthrough I’m down, I have all the DLC and a Mic add me Berdypls

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im only lv 20 on nisha and i have the other 3 around lv 5-6 just walked into cordorina city only have basic game so no dlc’s atm no mic aswell

if your fine with that msg me on psn kitsune2200 with msg your your adding me for BL:TPS co-op play

I’m a level 27 claptrap unit looking for some coop partners maybe some farming and some side missions I have the True Vault Hunter play through but I haven’t got time to play on it I am excited if. You want to play with me

PSN is Jakiemo123

lvl 48 athena. PSN: Kito42

DeathJoy2010. I play all the Borderlands.

Add me , proalien007 , all the bdl