Any OP8 Shock Sand Hawks for trade?

Looking for an OP8 Shock Sakd Hawk, willing to trade an OP8 DPUH, OP8 Sham (Only 85 percent), or any request if I happen to have it. Message me if you’re interested!

i have one

What do you want in return?

level me and my friend up to 72 we r currently 54 and 58 then u will get the sandhawk from the other character

Sorry I’m not leaving myself open to be hustled haha

ill promise u i wont troll ill give it to u

ill even give u one of each element

The only way I’d do that is if the Sand Hawk was given up front, levelling someone is tedious haha, if you gave me it id run you through the Wattle Gobbler repeatedly, that’s nice XP!

ok the only one i have on that account is a shock one but is that ok for beggining

i meant corrosive

Ill give u the corrosive one first then after the leveling ill switch accounts and give u shock

The deals off, I just want a straight up trade sorry, safest way :smiley: Anyone else interested, straight up trade please.

still lookin? because ill straight up trade if you happen to have an op8 slag Practicable Interfacer or an op8 slag norfleet

Are you still looking for one, because i have all the elements and I don’t use them.