Any Other Looter Shooter Games Besides Borderlands?

This kinda may seem off topic from this game but I don’t see the category anywhere. Anyway is there any other looter shooters besides this I should look into?

Ones I play in the past are Anthem and Destiny 2. Both kinda didn’t make me feel enjoyable to play in a long run. Anthem died for me in months after it release.

I wanna look into other games that seems similar to this. Looting for gear and seeing if it synergize with my character and the role they play

Edit: I forgot about Division 2. I might uninstall that game since that kinda just not rewarding enough and they’re too much events going on weekly that once missed it may never return. Currently there is a bug that stops game progression in certain mission in Season 3. That ticked me off to consider it

I’m not sure that asking for recommendations for other games will go down too well on a games company’s official forum :wink:

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Luckily, Gearbox ignores the forums :wink:


Moved to a more appropriate section, although you’ll also find some suggestions in other BL3 threads (such as the ‘What are you doing while waiting for {X}’ ones).

Might also want to scan through the ‘What did you play recently’ in this section to see what others are doing.

You might be surprised…

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Have you tried Horizon Zero Dawn? She’s mostly rockin’ bows and arrows, but they come with a nice array of modifications. There is a little resource management and crafting, and the loot doesn’t have the hyper modifiers that some gear in Borderlands and those others does, but there are rarities, and more rare gear modifiers may include bonus modifiers. At end game, there aren’t really “bosses” to farm as there are a variety of enemies all over the map that drop these things (some pretty hard, some easy).

Maybe “Remnant: From the Ashes” is something for you. There is Loot, but its unique items, skills etc.
I found the gunplay very satisfying, but be warned: This game is a “Soulslike” and the difficulty sometimes spikes up to fiendish levels. Theres also two smaller but very cheap DLCs, that I would recommend. Full package (game + 2 DLCs) was 39,- Euros (guess it was same price in USD) recently in the Xbox store.

I mean not necessarily a shoot and loot, but you have Diablo maybe. And I know Gearbox will have a slash/loot with Godfall.

I haven’t myself but I know of quite a few BL fans that have been playing Warframe.

I’ll have to see through some of these choices on youtube. I seen a few given to me by someone yesterday. I’ll make time to see more likely tonight

There’s a few, briefly - Warframe, Destiny(both), Shadow Warrior 2, Division(both), and Firefall (I’m probably missing some, not sure I’d include Remnant though I played and enjoyed it recently)

I think they may have resurrected Hellgate: London at some point if you want to try that, it’s the oldest one as far as I’m aware. No idea how good it is in its current form, but given the game itself was better in alpha than at launch, that may or may not be a good idea.

You can play The Outer Worlds as a looter shooter if you want to.

Specific to the combination of fun and action that I relate to playing Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel, there are two games I think of. The older the two games is Duke Nukem 3D, the original game. It’s combination of tasteless humor and creative weapon design in a first person shooter was revolutionary to me. The second game, and the one I still enjoy to this day as a franchise, is Ratchet and Clank. The amount of creativity in the weapon designs and the sheer fun of the game play mechanics makes it one of my all-time favorites. If only it wasn’t a PlayStation exclusive.

Ironically, BL and BL2 got me into looter shooters but BL3 is turning me off from them. It could be burnout from the repetitive and redundant nature due to the abundance of garbage gear and anointments but it has certainly turned me off.

Instead of finding enjoyment in a different looter shooter, I find that I am much happier just playing guitar. Its a lot more rewarding and fun than any video game for me.

It’s what I do when I feel burned out from this game. I tend to fall back on CoD Zombies and simply relax by slaying them till I feel satisfy. I been thinking I should grab myself a racing game but I’m unsure if I’m going play it for long term.

I seen couple of suggestions. Honestly good games I seen. I probably could hang in there and see what games will come later this year or in early 2021. I’ll try to be patient. I start to get a bit desperate seeing I don’t have much enjoyable games on my ps4.

Borderlands is definitely the best looter shooters in my opinion but BL3 is taking a nasty turn and I really hope things can change like an optimize gear can handle max Mayhem level well. Not meta “cookie-cutter” build that are the same

Any1 take a look at the game coming out Outriders?
3rd person looter shooter. Skill tree, class skills. Looks promising. Like a borderlands destiny mix.

Go to Elpis and break the game… My only choice should BL3 melancholy set in.
Gladiator love.