Any other odd drops?

So during my recent session I learned that Arguk the Butcher can drop the Bone Shredder. I know Pete can drop the Kiss of death and this got me wondering, who else has an odd kinda out of place drop I might not know about? Are these the only 2?

For one, Pete doesn’t drop the Kiss of Death, Hyperius does, and second, idk.

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My mistake

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Who is arguk the butcher?

Who is this butcher? Most likely a mini boss I’ve missed

Had to look it up, coz I couldn’t remember, but… It’s the final enemy you face in the mission “Critical fail” from TTADoK dlc.

Oh yeah I remember now. He does drop the bone shredder

Well bunker is known for dropping verucs. I’ve gotten a few from him. Funny story while I was farming bunker I was wondering ‘hmm… I wonder if I’ll get a slag veruc like rleeson85’. Next thing you know it drops :slight_smile:

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wouldn’t that be a world drop?

Never got a Veruc from BNK3R. I did however, get a lot of odd drops from it. I wouldn’t say BNK3R is known for dropping Verucs, specifically, but he does drop random legendaries/pearlescents pretty often. They’re just world drops and my guess is that it is because of the amount of loot he pukes up every time you kill him. Happens with a lot of the bosses that create huge loot explosions when you kill them (BNK3R, the Warrior…).


Yeah the random legendaries BNK3R drops always seem to be in that mass of guns right underneath where he “bleeds out”. I remember farming for a Sham once and he dropped a Shredifier and a Pyrophobia later on in that spot before he finally gave up a Sham a few kills later. :slight_smile: I’ve noticed (as I’m sure a lot of others have as well) that his designated drops (Sham, B!tch, etc) each seem to have their own designated spot on the ground. A lot of his drops seem to be like that… always a grenade mod in one spot, a sniper in another, a few ‘shield spots’ (including where the Sham will land if he spawns one), a relic closer to his dead body, etc.

I think I remember getting a double drop from him once, a B!tch in its usual spot and another legendary back in the bleedout spot (another Shredifier if I remember right.)


I never really paid enough attention to notice that. Next time I find myself farming him I’ll look a bit closer at where stuff lands.