Any particular method finding a ghost for Maurice?

Got the first mission for the Bloody Harvest event and it says search galaxy for a ghost. Am I supposed to just clear every map aimlessly?

So content is live already?

a “ghost” is just like na annoited, they spawn in groups of normal enemies and I assume arre tougher, so just play

How the heck is it live? I havent been prompted to do an update yet

the game should have updated already, at least it did on xbox

I have the update and I see maurice. But no mission prompts yet. And in new event tab it says inactive yet

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Could they spawn in Circle of Slaughters you think? That’s what I’ve been doing mostly

I got the download last night on Xbox but didn’t go live until earlier today

possibly?..if anythign just run through maps and just murder everything

The event tab said electra city voracious canopy and slaughters.

I’m going to heck boys and girls just got the notification mission for event

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Where do I find the event? Just downloaded a large update… :confused:

I had it show up on my screen when prompted to track a mission.

Btw slaughters are great for getting ghosts. Just entered the heck hole

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You’ll trip over one in no time, I just started a run through all the boss / mini boss/ rare spawns and by Drought there was ghostly versions appearing with random spawns.

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Yeah, just started some mobbing in Lectra City and there’s a bundle.

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Just look for enemies with green auras. I got the info from here.

check your sidemission menus (but it doesn’t tell you where to go.)

Considering you have to farm for the rare spawns, I have been farming those areas for ghosts to continue the mission, go into heck/do challenges there, rinse and repeat.