Any Phoebe tips?

I like phoebe and the way she plays, but I feel weak defensively and I seem to deal more damage on other melee Battleborn than on her. So if anyone could give some tips on how to play her properly, that would be great.

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Hello there, AForestTroll.

Now, listen to the definitive Phoebe tip. Phoebe is the only Battleborn that can chain both her Primary and Secondary attacks together by holding down both the Primary and the Secondary Attack Buttons. When you hit someone, you need to have both buttons pressed for maximum efficiency.

Now that this is out of the way, let’s continue. Phoebe is an Assassin character, as in she kills things very quickly and then leaves. Phoebe is not a group fighter. When engaging many characters at once before level 7, Phoebe is a liability to the team. Until level 5, your role is to cheap-shot enemy attackers and support character to force them to play defensively. Once you unlock your second mutation at level 5, you become a true killer. Until level 5, you are nothing more than a nuisance, not a true force on the battlefield. After level 5 though, you gradually become a killing machine. You Phasegate in, deal damage, potentially (but not necessarily) killing a squishy enemy player and then run out. Repeat the process 15 times and you will soon outlevel your allies and opponents giving you a huge edge on the battle.

Picking the correct targets is very important with Phoebe. Foxtrot, Marquis and Oscar Mike are farmable and can easily give you free xp and force the enemy team to go on the defensive. Phoebe dislikes going against Battleborns with high HP, like Montana, and Battleborns with good disengage abilities, like Benedict.

In a match I played today, you can see that Orendi has 15 deaths. That is because I 've killed her more than 8 times myself while farming her for xp.


I didn’t know about the primary and secondary attacks, thanks for the tips :slight_smile:


I 'll write more when I have the time.

i killed a Montana with phase gate idk why i put this but yeah cool

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StargirioGR Has the playing strat on point. I’ve almost maxed Pheobe out, unlocked all the lore challenges etc. Gear wise, you’re best bet is to go with something that increases skill damage, decreases cool down, and either a health buff or a shield buff. If you go with the shield buff and build the helix right, it increases her blade rush damage through the roof.

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Is that how you get the Addonexus lore challenge? It’s the only one I am missing. Can you tell me what items you used exactly?

As far as the stats are concerned, I lean more on Melee Damage, Attack Speed and Shield Buff for PvP, instead of Skill damage and CD reduction, although I am gonna try a Blade Rush build on my next game.

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The way I pulled it off was doing Voids Edge on Solo. Build unintended innovation, core overload and the conduit. Once you get sent to the void by the Conservator, kite the every loving out of the skulks, and let the blade rush fly. Wait until your shields are fully charged or as much as you’d like, and let the blades fly at the group. Doing that kite, you should be able to do it in one play-through. Once I get home, I’ll post the exact gear I used, but just add something with shields, skill damage, and a chest plate.


Thanks for the tips, guys. I find myself more and more in love with how Phoebe flows. Hard role, sure, but it feels rewarding.Currently standing at character level 7. Even her mutations I kinda like, not like the other chars I’ve played so far.

However I’m hesitant about Crosscut (level 3 mutation ). I’m under the impression getting the +18% melee damage is better in term of raw damage, especially paired with the later Flurry. It’s less relevant when going Core Overload and could then probably best be replaced with Shield Stabilizers for maximum Conduit optimization.
It all boils down to favoring standard melee damage or skills, I guess. I’m under the impression standard attacks are the better thing. Phase in, flurry with high damage base. On the other hand, a properly boosted Blade Rush for the shotgun factor…
See, that’s what I like. It feels like everything is a viable way to go.

Also, Contingency Plan. I’m not sure I ever saw it come into play. It may be a good skill, but not at the price of either a more general CD reduction on PhaseGate or Disruptor Blades.

Yeah, as far as Phoebe goes, there are definitely 2 ways to go:

  • You either go for Blade Rush damage and focus on Shield and Skill Damage gear.

  • Or go for Stabby Stabby Damage and focus on Attack Damage and Attack Speed gear.

Imo, the first build is mostly for PvE, like the second is mostly for PvP. The reasons being that, in a Blade Rush build you are dependent on the level 9 Helix build choices, which is kinda late in the game, while the Stab build is ready by the time you hit level 5.

The build I am currently using in PvP is this:,1,0,-1,0,0,1,1,0,-1,

At level 3, I opt for 150% True Strike damage instead of the 18% in all melee Damage. That is because once you get the Blade Sweep mutation, it is possible to AoE a lot of damage quickly. I continue with Unintended Innovation at level 4 (although I do not really care about that row), Blade Sweep and Contingency Plan. The reason why I pick Contingency Plan is because… it’s actually a Contingency Plan. Sometimes, during early game, I want to see some action, so I hop in the midst of a fight, get trapped and I cannot find a way to go back. But with Contingency Plan, that’s no problem at all. Then I go for Flurry and Phase Stability of course and continue with Close Quarters Combat and either Calamitous Cascade or Swordstorm. I am undecided as far as the last row is concerned. For this build I am using the glove item (attack damage + more attack damage when conditions are met), the red sword (attack speed + more attack speed when conditions are met) and then I don’t know which to choose, the Phoebe Legendary Gear or Shield Penetration?

In PvE, I am playing around the Blade Rush damage. It offers higher survivability and the Explosive Blade Rush is a really good AoE.

That’s kinda what I’ve been doing too so far. Although I was under the impression Crosscut, the level 3 mutation, wasn’t applying to the level 5 sweep mutation, judging from the yellow glow that disappear just after the first move of True Strike. Are you sure it applies? I think we lack informations about what the “temporarily increased damage” component from Crosscut means. Is it “During the next x seconds, your next true strike attack deals more damage” or “during x seconds all true strike attacks deal more damage”. So far, the game makes me think it’s the first definition. If it actually work like that I guess Sharpened Blade would be a better choice as it should apply to both left and right mouse button attacks, permanently…

In regards to crosscut and blade sweep, If you are holding down both the primary and secondary buttons, it won’t work. The way blade sweep works is that there is about a half second of backswing after it that needs to happen otherwise It doesn’t eat the crosscut charge(because you can cancel the end of the animation/damage by attacking, thus stopping about half the damage? not sure if it does the same with reprise, can’t remember). I kinda disagree on the whole blade rush for PvE thing. You do just fine with a melee build if you tack on the +shield helix to your melee build.

Yeah, I made a few tests myself. It appears that indeed Crosscut gives a temporary bonus to all right Mouse attacks for a few seconds. I’m growing a tad more interested in Reprise, though. Or even the damage reduction when a map isn’t really going the way you’d like. I found Blade Sweep to be … well, not as useful as one could think. You aren’t really meant to jump into a big melee mess, and minions will melt anyway.
I think it’s just best to play the assassin role to the end, by getting bigger single target damage. And it would seem the Crosscut buff works slightly better with Reprise, at least on the visual side of things. The blade is still glowing yellow, you even have time enough to strike a third time - by then with any luck, you will have landed a new full combo that will keep the buff going. I’ll have to pay a bit more attention to confirm. And god please give us a test map where we can test numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun fact : hitting doors that are supposed to open in PVE will count toward building Crosscut. They are considered valid damageable targets.
I REALLY wonder if there are things around in PvP that can be hit to build Crosscut… Althought it doesn’t really serve any purpose :stuck_out_tongue:

I 've tested all the above things and I have come to similar conclusions. There is only one thing I do not understand yet. How exactly the Legendary item works.

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I usually take the shield buff with Phoebe. You can get super tanky if you build right with the right items

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I usually build phoebe with a focus on shields. If you have the right items, she can push well or defend capture points well in PvP. Here is my tank build for Phoebe,-1,-1,1,-1,0,1,-1,-1,0,

Yeah it’s easy like Clutch said but I did the other way around. Twice now - once in beta and once today. Take blade rush explosion, skill damage and blade rush damage scaling with distance (I took close range). Then you just shoot it into the horde of minor Varelsi when you’re sucked into the void. No need for any special gear at all.

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Finally got that freaking addonexus. The one thing I was not doing very well was that it was slightly better to jump and aim down at roughly the center of the packed minions mass. sigh never thought of that, kept trying either a flanking blade rush or sometimes aiming at the ground without jumping.

So yeah, all improvements to Blade Rush and skill obviously, worked for me with the +%shield helix and explosive BR. Packed two items with +skill damage ( one with primary skill damage and one with secondary skill damage when killing a minion. )

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Here is another topic discussing the item, with tests and numbers and stuff.
It’s a weird item that would require an iron discipline to be used to full efficiency. It still gives both movement speed and cd reduction, which is always welcome, but the damage part is … Weird. Maybe it’s cool if you don’t take Crosscut since a primary attack will reset the stack, and never hit that left mouse button for Five Virtues, but even then it will quickly fade to memory when everyone’s been killed.

Something worth nothing from that link is

Also worth noting, it looks like the damage increases faster than 5%
per strike (even considering reprise gives 2 strikes). Perhaps this is
synergistic with some other modifier that Phoebe has.

It would seem on the 4th true strike he was already capped, and seemingly at a 100% damage boost. I can guess it would make a very deadly ultimate…