Any Place to Farm DLC Coms At All?

I’m at a VIP room at Compactor and I do notice a massive nerf of coms dropping from the named enemy. Other places I do see it not dropping at much. I’m at Mayhem 4 but is there any places I have a shot at to get Coms? I resetted over 10 times with said enemy and not getting any except 1 Heart Breaker gun

Best com farms i have found are Evil St. Lawrence or the first rare spawn at VIP tower. Easy quick kills. I like St Lawrence for the extra baddass enemies that spawn a lot with him for extra loot chances but the other farm is very fast and has an ammo machine close. Not uncommon for me to get 2-3 coms to drop from them on kills but it is a farm and wont happen every time lol.

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Going have to see that named enemy soon. Bit surprised that Coms aren’t dropping as plentiful as I used to remember

Last boss always drops couple of them on M4.

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Hi, does this have a specific strategy?

He has different critical spots in each phase: knees, head, hands. Don’t about four but it’s not hard.

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Totally forgot the Jackbot drop Coms. I guess it drops other VHs mostly Fl4k ones when I’m Zane is making me insane honestly. Farming him on M4 probably all I have to go for. Thank you

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I find coms drop like candy in dlc, so maybe set your sights on another dlc item to farm like ion cannon or lucky 7 and hope the right COM drops while hunting.

Jackbot is the one who has the coms as his assigned drop location. Freddie also seems to be dropping them a lot as well (on my very first kill I literally got 4 Seein’ Dead coms to drop and that was only on M1).
Generally speaking, stick to enemies that drop a lot of loot with every single kill, though as already mentioned, Freddie and Jackbot seem to be the best sources if you can farm them quickly.

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Would have been my exact post regarding the coms, I just run Jackbot and while his drops are inconsistent at times its prob the best farm imo. Sometimes I’ll get four or five and sometimes I’ll just get a cheap tips or something. Still hunting for an epic com for my Zane but only been close but not exact. Initially I was killing scraptrap and he dropped them consistently but I think it may have been changed the drops a little from him because I stopped seeing them as much as I was.

Gorgeous Armada drops a lot for me. (Compactor VIP)

Evil St Lawrence does pretty well, as does the Loco Chantelle.