Any plan to be able to pick a group story mission without votes?

Would be nice if you could pick the mission you want and then queue until a team is filled.
Kinda tired of pressing the disconnect button every time I don’t get the mission I want…


They said they wont be doing that just becouse it will force then to make 8/16 different pools makimg load times just terrible for story. If you want a specific mission just do it on private, solo advanced hardcore isent as hard as it sounds if your mining legendaries. Group up with ppl if you just want a specific mission.

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This. Even a group of three or four people with the right mix of characters and communication is better than most full groups of Rando’s. Odds are good your group of three or four would do better without filling those empty slots. Occasionally you will get someone worthwhile, but if they’re not on mic (or if they mute you and thus can’t even listen,) you might simply be increasing the number of enemies without the commensurate increase in kill power on your side.


This wouldn’t be that hard and as for Private, Gearbox has a history of dishing Legendaries differently.

Not sure what you’re talking about there, unless you mean four-player difficulty on raid bosses? Don’t think that really changes the legendary drop rate though.

Private Story mode was different than Public Story mode, with any number of players.

If you’re referring to BL2, that was shown to be an artefact of sampling error and observation bias. The only real difference between off-line and on-line is whether or not you have the current hotfix in place. If you want a link, I can send you one - PM me so as not to further derail this thread.

Didn’t think there would be any confusion, one of the players in our Steam group posted to all of us that we were not getting Legendaries when we chose our missions, which is Private because of the way it works, but if we had a partial team and went public we would. Clearer?

Sorry, was thrown by the “history of” bit and thought you were referring to Borderlands, since there was a time when folks seriously thought off-line versus on-line made a difference there.

Haven’t really compared notes on Battleborn as far as drops are concerned - the activation price tag on legendaries is a bit steep for early story mode, and I’d rather have more gear I can use earlier than later. Maybe that’s the wrong approach though?

…Valid points. Having a ton of hours into the game since it released what I do is first enable a cheap chard gen, some are free but I don’t mind using the ones that are 400+ activation fee, they still pump over 2 per second but without frills.
With that I can get two 1800 activation fee mods enabled on Algorithm for example, before the Henchmen.

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I run copious amounts of private missions with one or two friends at a time, farming the same stuff over and over and over to get certain loot. Because I play specific missions over and over with my private friends which get glossed over when we go public (one of the reasons we like to run private; also, most pubs are idiots who end up being a detriment rather than a compliment to the team), my loot distribution is a reasonably good way to analyze drop rates. Also, I only ever run Advanced (except for Helio, recently, which I’ve taken to doing on normal so that we can actually complete it in a reasonable amount of time, since we’re legend farming) and have only really been able to get enough drops to get a decent grip on drop rates after they made BB start raining yellow.

Sentinel I do almost entirely private (the first part of the mission is often impossible or nearly so with a public group). The drop rate is roughly one legendary every other run, if not slightly higher (I can expect at least 1 legendary drop every 2 runs, sometimes we get multiples). Whenever I run any other mission, which is pretty much guaranteed to be public, the drop rate is roughly the same (one legendary every 2 runs).

If there is a higher drop rate on public, I have not been able to notice it. I can understand the logic behind improve drop rates in public games (to encourage people to play with randoms rather than their own cliques), but I can also understand not having one (because one of the best ways to meet people that you can later do private runs with is to do public runs; also, it’s much easier/faster to get a 5 man public than it is to get a 5 man private).

As for other variables, I don’t believe that group size has any influence on drop rates and I’m starting to doubt whether hardcore has any impact on it either. Larger groups and hardcore definitely give higher scores though (since more enemies via large group and more score pips via hardcore), which might have an impact on credits/xp.

I also haven’t noticed any diff with group size.
Yes I do get Legendaries on the Sentinel even if it is a two person team, did that about an hour ago.
I’m not a fan of them and don’t even look for them but I have more now than will fit on the screen.
(Actually 7 full rows)

And as you can see I’ve done the Sentinel soooo many times:

Anecdotally I tend to notice a higher drop rate when the group is doing better, which obviously coincides with a higher score. I haven’t done any numbers on it as I’d have to know where the bounds of the silver medal are on each mission (silver being what I consider “average” score,) and then do a TON of runs with low and high scores keeping track of all drops, etc etc … it’s just too much work to be worth it for me.

Again, no proof here, but I seem to notice a slightly larger amount of legendaries from runs that go well … though partly that may be because runs that don’t go well can end in failure.

I have gotten a legendary from a run that later failed, but we were doing well at the time (Saboteur first defense point boss.) It was the group composition (three melee characters, me as Kleese, and Whiskey Foxtrot,) that made it difficult to go further once you start facing large amounts of Varelsi, though lack of communication also hurt. We never made it to the second defense point, but we did get a drop from the first boss before things fell apart.

[quote=“wisecarver, post:12, topic:1539903, full:true”]And as you can see I’ve done the Sentinel soooo many times:

I’m well over 100 Sentinel runs. My legendary list is a giant wall of Guardian Shieldbreakers, Songs of Vigor, and Chrono Keys. And still not a single Vigilance Link or Stolen Edge. I have so much salt that I make the Dead Sea look potable.

…I just got dizzy. You probably have some odd stories about things that happened.

My question is why don’t you sell duplicates?

[quote=“wisecarver, post:15, topic:1539903, full:true”]…I just got dizzy. You probably have some odd stories about things that happened.

Not particularly. A lot of those runs are private hardcore runs with 1-2 friends that are equally experienced at running it so we kind of have it down to a science. We change it up by tweaking characters to keep it interesting, but most of it has come down to learning how to not get hit by the various glitches/bugs that seem to happen in Sentinel (not doing KB on bosses while they’re jumping; not killing shards on Old Sent while he’s in the air; not jumping or using movement skills while the elevator is moving because it’ll clip you into the geometry sometimes).

Because I like to be able to track the comparative drop rates of the different items. Also, I’m weird.

Those are both good reasons in my book, although I use a spreadsheet to track drops so my inventory can be cleared out from time to time.