Any plan to replace the randomized character legendaries?

So new patch says character legendaries no longer have randomized values. This is a great change, but what about those of us unlucky enough to have already unlocked randomized weak character legendary (by completing lore challenges). I have done the lore challenges and unlocked montanas legendary and it only gives me 4% attack speed that is really bad for 1800 shards. Please dont penalize those of us who already got char legendaries!

So we get broken legendary gear if we have done the lore already? What’s the stats supposed to be?

They are the new stats mate.
All the lore legendaries have been averaged out to around the 50 mark.
Max stay legendaries got brought down,
Min stat legendaries got brought up

Just to be clear, they fixed ones in our inventory already?

Yep, mine got slightly better stats

They “fixed” all legendaries… I lost like 4% on some.

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I gained on all of mine, so I can’t complain.

I still have 2 Gogo-Juice in my inventory… one with max stat and one with min stat, so they fixed this for lore legendaries but not for the other…

it needs to be fix too

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While I kind of agree with you,

The fact that you have two is the whole point. You can only get one character legendary, so giving it random stats is bad.

This is about CHARACTER legendaries. Other legendaries have random stats numbers.

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This is exactly what i said.

It should apply not only on character lengendaries but on all legendaries. They are far too rare to have random stat, for the moment i did 80 story mission map and i only got 3 legendaries +1 in epic pack and an other one in the lvl100 legendary pack (both gogo juice from packs)

i don’t want them to be easier to get… but i don’t really want to be disapointed when i finally get one because i’ve bad stats on it, as they are really rare

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Random stats on stuff you can get more than once is fine because you might want to keep farming that mission and getting a better one will be satisfying, I kinda wish the averaged character items were all raised to the max previously possible though

except that the random stats on character legendaries are a BUG whereas random stats on legendaries are not.

All my character lengdary gears got worse, rip gearbox
I though they were gonna change all stats to maximum

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If everyone now has the same thing, those ARE the new maximums.

the issue with legendarys and random stats is that only the stats change where as the shard cost stays at 1800 . so some are just better without any disadvantages . this is a no go for a balanced multiplayer game .And it clearly shows that gearbox has no idea about competitive multiplayer games. How could they even consider doing something like that ??? it might be acceptable for rpgs but not for a game like battleborn.

I agree, but ImO it’s the cost that should be made variable, rather than the stats not being variable.

What Zefyris said.
Either the lore leg need to be maxed or the cost need to change according to the stats.
That may require to get the third (special) stats to be variable accordingly though,which is probably the hardest for em.

best thing for the balance would be no variable values on legendaries . every legendary should have a specific value .
second reason i think legendarys shouldn t vary is , because it is frustrating af to get a low value legendary . the drop chances at the moment are so low that if you get one it should be good . there is absolutley no reason for variable values it just harms the fun of the game . and please gearbox increase the chance to get those legendarys . as far as i have seen you created a â– â– â– â–  load of legendarys, which is absolutley awesome. but they are way to hard to obtain, players will stop playing the game because it takes too long to get new content in form of gear. if i get a new legendary i want to try it out play some games with it. that is a reason to keep playing, but a lot of the people i played with in the beginning already stopped and now play overwatch, because they didn t make enough progress in the game in form of getting legendaries and completing charackter challenges( some are too hard, but thats another point) . i don t want to play the damn algorithm 100 times to get the legendaries. i want to play it 5 times get a legndary and then play 10 -15 pvp games with it before i want something new and have to play the story again. don t get m wrong th story missions are great, but the replay value isn t that high. I just realized i am a bit off topic sorry , but it bothers me :wink: still a good game all in all, but it could be great it could be something that is played the whole year to check out builds and stuff (like i do it in MOBAs) i know its not a Moba . sry for the long reply .
TL:DR all legendarys should have the same stats, and buff the damn drop rates

I agree that legendaries should either not be variable at all, or their cost should vary with their roll. It’s a bit odd that they don’t when every other item in the game scales stats and cost together.