Any plans for actual skins, not just palette changes?

Hey not trying to be rude. I love the game but calling the current skins, skins is a bit off I feel. They are just palette changes. Proper skins should alter actual look of the character.

Skins have 3 tiers

currently only Tier 1 Skins are in the game

Tier 2 and 3 That change the aesthetic more drasticially will be patched into the game with the first big update if I remember correctly.

So, yes there are/will be more skins that arent just palette changes

While it is confirmed there will be tier 2 and tier 3. There is no information regarding how these will be obtained meaning tier 2 skins may be contained in those horrible lootpacks. Theres just no information out there besides confirmation that there will be tier 2 and tier 3 skins, like prices and how there unlocked.

But skins are supposed to be coming in next patch but i cant give you anything concrete. As the devs have confirmed nothing besides what i stated above.

We’ve been told tier 2 coming soon. No word on tier 3

Id be okay with the pallets swaps if they weren’t mostly just one solid color.

As is, I only use

Default skin
Black and blue outfit
Yellow and purple outfit.

Especially noticeable on Marquis, because his default is his ONLY outfit where his coat and pants are different colors. All others he’s just one solid color for some (lazy) reason

Yes of course

Don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but I remeber reading somewhere that they want to introduce new chars for free to avoid a pay to win mentality, but the reskins might be added as paid dlc (need source).

Gotta admit I forked out he cash for the season pass, so hopefully if that’s the case I can get them that way, but otherwise I really hope they don’t put a price tag on them.

As long as you could still get them using in game credits I wouldn’t be all that bothered if say the tier 3 skins also had a monetary value. Those who don’t wish to farm for the credits can buy them, those who don’t mind the farm can still get them.