Any plans for Anti-Cheat?

Sorry if this is not the right sub-forum to ask in, if its not can a mod plz move it?

Lately ive been running into so many guys who just have “insane accuracy”

and what i mean is im getting mowed down by players who use guns in less than 3 seconds flat.

Its hard to live when some1 shoots an entire clip into your face without missing a single shot.

Its more annoying when you view said persons steam profile and see they already have multiple VAC bans on their account.

I remember back when i played ut2004 there were lot of aimbotters doing the same thing. Then the creators developed “Anti-TCC” which was a system that scanned your game files for any aimbot files, and if you were caught with aimbot files in your system it would boot you from the game and let the public know.

Sure, i know its totally possible to earn 30 kills in a single game… i myself have done it and im not even that good…

But… when you get 20+ kills in 10 minutes and you dont miss a single shot or die a single time, AND you also have VAC bans on your account… sorry but thats a little fishy to me.

A simple solution would be for the game devs to implement a simple file scan that scans files before game starts.

I will personally donate money for the cause if u guys dont have enough… one search on google for “battleborn aimbot” and you can get one from “artificial aiming” (the same guys that used to make aimbots for ut2004, these cheaters have been around for many years)

I just want a fair game man… and before anyone says something like “oh that will just make the game run slower, blah blah blah” NO… NO… NO IT WONT… i played ut2004 just fine with anti-cheat, why would battleborn be any different? we have better technology now also… trust me you wont even see a single frame drop in FPS.

I am totally fine with getting murdered by a legit player, trust me its happened to me a lot… but I do not like dying in 2 seconds to an aimbotter who has zero skill. Its like signing up for a fight and your opponent is on steroids and has 100% hit chance…

In the next major update they’ll add a reporting in-game system so probably in the future we have an anti-cheat.
If you didn’t read it

In-game Reporting, our goal is to include it in the next major patch update for July
In the interest of making it easier to report players who are trying to ruin the fun for everyone, we’ve created an in-game reporting function that will be accessible through the scoreboard and allow you to flag players who are suspected of cheating, abandoning games, or ruining the overall experience.

Though I might add that theres a difference between actual cheating and the feel someone cheated. Its easy to feel betrayed when it was just lag, bad luck or a superior player.

When GBX give us a report-function we all should think twice and double check before using it, because early & often reporting can grow into flaming and futher grow into a serious problem on the same stage as cheating itself.
Like for example, suddenly all good Marquis players get reportet out of spite and suspicion and similar issues that could evolve from prematurely reporting.

Means: If the feature comes, use it to report trolls. Not troll others/become a troll by reporting players prematurely.

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well for me personally i judge a cheater based on his accuracy and timing.

for instance… a good marquis with 25 kills but 75% accuracy… ok proabably not an aimbot just really good at sniping.

compared to… a marquis with 25 kills who never once missed a single shot… hmmmmmmmmm something seems fishy here. I hope somehow the gearbox devs are able to track gun accuracy… although cheaters will find a way around it (for example firing off a few clips into the air to throw off the statistics)

in ut2004 you could also spectate via first person, which was the ultimate way to keep track of aimbotters… hell i even remember competing in TWL they made u record game footage and the server would record it also, this would eliminate cheaters in tournies, gearbox devs could do something similar to ban aimbotters.

its 2016 so i would hope the anti-cheat is better than it was in 2004.

I dont just come on here and call every good player a cheater… far far far from it… ive played this game non-stop since it came out and only called out 2 people for aimbotting… and i only do so when i feel something is up (once again… 100% gun accuracy just seems to good to be true ESPECIALLY WITH A MACHINE GUN .)

i just want a fair game man, i dont know why anyone can hate on me for that.

Honestly I do not understand why any company who releases a competitive multiplayer game doesn’t have a built in anti-cheat on launch day, its idiotic to not have one and is more or less welcoming cheaters. Or at the very least have a report feature, not one weeks after launch…

There should be around 2 steps to checking If there is cheating going on. The first would be the anti cheat program which boots you from the game. The second is real people going through the reports filed by players for suspicious behavior which should yield enough evidence to convict or not, they could look at accuracy if its a range character and just general consistency of kills. Generally someone will miss quite a lot of shots over the course of the game so if its above 60% hit then that’s fishy.

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You certainly love the ‘cheat’ topics, haha.

I don’t mean to offend you, but im going to make a suggestion, which is in future could you just combine all your complaints into ‘one’ topic?
(Eg: ‘hacks,aimbotters,cheats - report your findings here’)

I know they are all technically seperate complaints, but they all are based on these ‘hacks’ (or whatever, I’m not up with PC/game speak) ‘aimbotters’ and claims of ‘cheats’… but they are all still kind of the same thing.

Each time you have another concern, and spot something else within game, just ‘bump’ your previous topic, with your new concerns… As they appear to be on going, not nessecarily new altogether.

It just keeps the community cleaner and clearer, as repeat topics can push down other community concerns, and it will help keep everything in one spot for the devs to read and address for you.

Sorry to read ‘again’ that you are still encountering these issues. I hope you encounter more positive gaming experiences in the future :slight_smile:

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Never said such a thing or aimed at you with my post - no need to feel offended or particulary adressed.

I just wanted to point out that it should be an implemented feature that reads game data to verify if its actual a cheater or not. (I´m not much into software, but I guess there are programms to achieve this).
XB1 offers a report-function, but since the claim to cheat is enough and never gets really verified through actual data its often missused. So playes get flagged and suffer from consequences while they never did anything wrong, because the claim was enough.

Reporting/suspecting is okay, but consequeces should only be applied when there is actual data based proof for cheating. Thats my only concern.

I will just point out, this user already had a topic closed today by @Psychichazard due to claims against players of cheating.
So If they saw the written note at the end of that thread from that mod, they should know what is and isn’t within reason.
(Though, checking their topics listed under their username, there are other similar claims made against ‘cheating’ players - the one below where I list the response from Randy).

Also, this was written within one of their topics too:

So… Gearbox is looking into what’s being said :wink:

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I agree so much… ill give them some slack since they r new to making competitive games.

i hope gbx can do the right thing. they seem like a great group of people. i love this video game so much and i wanna see it succeed but with so many cheaters/hackers/teleporting players it is looking grim, and honestly i havent been enjoying the game the past few days because of these things im running into.

nobody wants to go into a fight they have no chance of winning. (pug vs premade)
nobody wants to fight players who just teleport way when u cc them/get them in a bad spot.
nobody wants to fight a player with 100% gun accuracy
but im willing to say that almost everybody wants a fun, fair game that is devoid of ll cheating

I saw on one of your previous topics that you asked if you could exchange your PC copy for a PS4 copy.

If you are experiencing all these issues on PC, why not come on over to PS4 until they fix the concerns that seem to be hounding you so much?

It’s reasonably cheap on console at the moment, and you might find a more diverse community then may be presented on PC at the moment (are there more people playing on consoles, than PC right now?), might have a better match to your strengths there without all the cheating woes.

But obviously, if PC is more your thing, then continue to tough it out, I’m sure what you ask for will come to be eventually.

Battleborn is across multiple platforms, so addressing the concerns of one group of players (eg, PC), might not happen as quickly as something that would address concerns across the board (eg, PC PS4 & Xbox).

Devs are reading these topics, even if they don’t always make themselves known/seen all the time… They be lurking, haha :grin: