Any plans on fixing boomer?

Was wondering if i can get a response from gearbox on this. The boss boomer from the mission nothing is never an option is glitched and does not respawn after the mission. His minions do and even two of the dahl flyers but not him. He was one of the bosses that was made farmable back in march. But one of the patches broke him and he does not currently respawn. Just want to know if you guys know about it or are going to fix it.

Have you put in a support ticket yet?

That is the best way to let them know and start working on it.

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K, ill put one in.

Has anyone successfully had Bruce (Another Pickle, Crisis Scar) respawn after the side quest? I’ve had the mob there, but I don’t remember seeing Bruce. If true, that would seem to imply a connection of some sorts.

Yea he definitely respawned for me a few times. But i haven’t checked since the patch that broke boomer back before may. But yea if he doesnt respawn its probably the same glitch. Ill have time later tonight to check . Unless you wanna see if he spawns and post back on here.

Yes bruce does respawn just tested it. Its only boomer thats glitched and he drops a unique you can’t get anywhere else.

Thanks for checking - didn’t get that far tonight!

No problem