Any plans to add solid anti cheating or report fuction?

As of late I’ve noticed an increase in aimbots mainly on Thorn and Marquis.

Usually I just chalk it up to being a good player… but every now and then you find someone that just seems a “bit” too accurate. Like a Thorn headshotting Caldarius mid ult flight repeatedly. (Not the hover part but during the landing) so I decided to do a bit of searching on google and it is astoundingly easy to find aimbots for the game.

If this game is going to last at all and have any plans on making it go competitive they need to curb this behavior asap. Whether via better anti cheating software and or the ability to report and ban steam accounts from playing.

I believe you’re talking about PC.

The bad news is that Gearbox’s plan is to push out monthly patches due to long certification process on consoles (source). So, because it’s slow on consoles, PC has to wait, even if there’s no such time limitation on Steam and there’s no cross-platform multiplayer.

This means we won’t get a decent anti-cheat soon. Cheaters seem to appear on PC only for now, so we’ll have to wait a couple months for any fix to a problem that breaks PvP games.

Does it suck? Yes. Are we allowed to complain about it? No - it could fit into “platform wars” definition and get deleted.

What the hell? Usually PC players complaining about consoles is ■■■■■■■■. There is some validity, sometimes, but mostly it’s just for ■■■■■ and giggles.

But this is literally ■■■■■■■■. To see an example of a game doing this right - look to Warframe, which is on PC, PS4, & Xbone. PC usually has a patch a month or more in advance. It’s also kind of an advanced beta, so that when it is released on consoles, it’s been mostly worked out.

Indeed. Instead of making use of ability to release patches often on Steam - which would help fix issues before the patch goes live on consoles - they’re toning it down to lowest common denominator, so that fixes will have to wait yet another month.

Long time to fix an issue as critical as anti-cheat causes players to leave.

Everyone loses.

Concerns about AIM bots and the ramifications of being a multi platform game do not constitute console wars.

In the future, should you have concerns about the content of a message and whether it violates Forum Policy, feel free to contact the moderators. Speculation on it only serves to derail threads.

Also, I assure you the topic of anti-cheating measures has been reviewed extensively, and I do not believe that patches on them will take an inordinate time.

Thank you for your concern.

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Regardless of platform I really want to see this game flourish. Cheating is a big issue…does not matter what you are playing on, yes on PC it’s overall easier to do without a good anti cheat in place. But many people mod their consoles to do similar things. It’s just more costly and risky.

One fix would be to add a report/ban system but obviously that takes some degree of manpower to monitor it.