Any plans to fix collision issues on story mission?

I can’t speak for multiplayers as I haven’t played enough matches to see every map.

But occasionally on maps I’ll jump onto objects that will make me immobile and slide on them.

Do we know if there will be any plans to fix this?

At least you slid. There are a couple of spots where you can be permanently trapped.

I’m not sure it’s entirely fixable, since it’s a result of the way the environments are built in the Unreal Engine the game is created in. The game counts you as falling (meaning you can’t jump off the object) so you pretty much just have to wait it out.

Particularly bad spots to avoid are the railings on stair cases, especially those against a side wall since you can become wedged between the wall and the railing if you miss your landing.

…Yup, one area that does this repeatedly is the second spawn area where an OPs chest is hidden at times. (Toby dlc)
If you walk there when the chest isn’t there you get the Unreal Engine space walk. :smile:

Sounds like the fun and games in Torgue DLC running the Death Race, and crashing into the non-existent bodies of motorbikes destroyed in previous collisions. The body is gone, but the remaining essence is strong.

We’ve done several passes on theses since launch, on almost every map. We fix them as often as we can find them, and I believe the next major patch has a fairly large list of fixes both with collision and other bugs that we’re addressing.

That said, collision issues are like ants. They’re hard to ever really get rid of. If you want to be sure we fix a SPECIFIC collision issue, tell us the map name and describe as best you can where it happens. We’ll get it in our bug database and do our best to queue it up for a future patch.


I’ll see what I can do