Any plans to make summon action skills.. useful again?

I ask this because pretty much anytime I toss out Axtons turrent or use gaiges robot, it dies in a few seconds since everything shooting at me suddendly changes target and mows it down in a second before it can do much of anything. Think they’ll fix this? when I played last the enemies pretty much ignored summons. I gave up my mecromancer around 33 or so due to this, the robot just dies to fast to be of any use.

Really? I have to be pretty blunt here, but DT works more than fine, even on OP8. And all 3 Gaige builds of mine dont even use SiC.


I don’t have that problem with either character, unless I’m badly under-levelled for where I am. (That’s coming from a perspective with multiple Axtons and Gaiges spread from level 18 through to 72.)

I would suggest posting your build in the Gaige character sub-forum, as there may be ways to move points around to make your DT survive longer. Similarly for Axton’s turret. You’ll find a lot of good advice in those forums already, including builds that are DT/Turret focussed, and those that are not.



I know you are a huge Axton fan. you might be able to lend a hand. I’m actually surprised i don’t see you in here already. :wink:

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Get Longbow Turret with Axton.


OK I’m here

  1. I have a lvl 72 gaige build baaed around deathtrap and besides his A.I acting up sometimes he can handle his self most of the time. Now if your not built around him then maybe he won’t be so good but in nvhm and tvhm both pet classes have a pretty easy time

  2. Axton is my main at op8. His turret makes nvhm and tvhm pretty easy in most parts of it. Now in uvhm its more of a distraction unless your built solo around it. Even longbow turret doubles it health and throw range making it very flexible to how you can use it.

But as the others have said ask for help with builds/gear/whatever else and we can help

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