Any plans to reissue the Rath & Oscar Mike skins Shift Code?

It’s a REALLY crappy feeling to know that you’ve missed out on some skins that were only up for a few days becasue of “real life and stuff.”

Mend my heart GBX!


Really wish we could share because I’d give them to you.

yeah, i was a little sad, i knew i was going to miss out because my ps4 is getting fixed, but then my internet went out and i missed it on pc too, haha.
well, its no worse than me not being able to get battleborn tap and missing out on the orendi skin :stuck_out_tongue:

in the end i would only like to have them from the collector standpoint (i almost always play default skins on chars) so i think about how i never had the chance to get mew on pokemon back in the day, haha.

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Pahleeese @JoeKGBX?

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Not to worry – We’ll be bringing these back for sure. :smiley: