Any plans to share Deluxe/Pre-order benefits?

My wife and I bought the Digital Deluxe Pre-order edition of Battleborn, but it was on my account, and only I seem to get any of the benefits. We don’t really care about skins and taunts, but is my wife going to have to earn every new character that comes out or will she be able to receive keys to unlock them like me? Whatever the case is currently, is there any plan in place to fix this, or will she have to separately purchase the Season Pass in order to receive some of these benefits? We have never had to buy a Season Pass twice, so I would like to know if there is a solution to this issue. Thanks.

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I, too, have this question. Seriously need to know.

Same here, i bought the digital-deluxe version of the game and of course my wife and me share the games we buy in the XBL store. But i wondered why digital-deluxe is not released for her.

Do we really have to buy the season -pass twice?


This is especially an issue for families. I can’t imagine anyone thinks it’s reasonable for every child to have to buy a season pass to play on the same console…do they?

Just an update: After calling both Gearbox and 2K support lines, the final answer, even from supervisors, was that my wife would be unable to receive the special skins and taunts that I got via the preorder, and my wife would need to purchase the season pass for her account individually in order to get those benefits. So it pretty much sucks, but we bought the season pass on my wife’s account as well because she wanted early access and did not want to save up the 47,500 credits (or whatever it is) in order to unlock the new character. Eh…we still play…so…whatever.

Unfortunately been that way for all GBX games. Played BL2 with the wife, had to buy the DLC separate.

It’s really not much different from season passes in other venues. When my wife and I order season passes to the Sounders, each of us, plus our kids, need to have our own passes. Sure, it would be nice for everyone in the family to share a single pass, but outside of promotions and discounts, this is the way of most season passes wherever we may find them.