Any players in Asia or Oceania in this game?

I know this might be an odd question but I once visit to Steam forum and with the evidences I found, I found that this game has region lock.

Is it true? I mean, even I am mostly a singerplayer guy but I wish I can play most of the game features such as co-op and PvP. But I found that most of the players are in the US and or EU. Which is suck for me as I have a bad internet (spoiler: I’m not Korean or Japanese) and no way that I can play anything online efficiently unless the game has Good Game Peace Out thing.
Also, I think both 2K and Gearbox seem to mark Asian market for low priority for some reasons. I think I rarely see fanarts in art community both worldwide and Asian communities (Like Pixiv. But I found 1 Benedict fanart picture in Pixiv though), Fanart is not that important than buying a game but still I think it usually tells me how famous, reaching audiences, that game has.
So anyway, I want to know the players in Asian (or find out how many players) because as a reason cited above and I want to play this game without having to force myself to play alone like the other games (Lethal league and Brawlhalla. Good games. But no Asian players).

Here is one but I haven’t been playing for a while though.

Region lock in BB? Never heard of it. But yes, you are matched with others by your download region (not the exact yours, I suspect adjacent regions work together).

asian ere
red connection most of the time but playable
just remind urself of bullet lag especially in pvp

Well alright. Thank you you all. :slight_smile: