Any players returning to the forums from ps3?

Hey everyone i was very active on the forums for up until 6 months after tiny tina dlc and was wondering how the pre sequel compares to Bl2 character builds wise and fun-itivity there was nothing sweeter then dominating with the commando. Gunzrerker. and Krieg…which one would be worth putting the most time into because to truly sit down and play borderlands it steals your soul and locks it away in a delicious manner

I would argue that the character complexity in TPS is on par with Krieg’s design in BL2. A lot of stacking mechanisms, interesting synergies across skill trees, and versatile but distinct ways of playing each character. Every skill seems balanced all the way through UVHM so you’re more at liberty to pick skills you like as well as ones that are effective.

The skill trees received an extreme makeover in TPS. The Action Skill is accessible at level 3 instead of level 5, capstones are achieved with a 22 point investment instead of a 26 point investment, and there are multiple 1 point game changers located in middle of the tree that open up next tier skills.


To add to @BookEmDano’s comment, I’d say that you can pretty much choose any character and have great fun - they’re all good in different ways. There really is no “bad” character to choose for for your first play through. I’d personally recommend Athena and Wilhelm if you like Salvador and Krieg. Ultimately, you’re going to want to do at least one play through with each character just to get their unique dialogue lines.

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Wouldn’t waste your time on TPS.

awesome thanks for the info guys i am pretty pumped because i delayed playing TPS until ps4 launch because i had played borderlands 2 for a extremely long period of time and loved every hour lost to it. also did a whole thread for free items for end game content for a long period of time and it was a very rewarding thing because everyone was always so thankful for helping them out it was a great community and hope it returns to very popular and strong community because whats borderlands without friends!