Any playthrough any character!

hello i have been away for some time but i am back into the mix and ready to start farming once again. i have a lvl 13 zero set out gear for lvl caps. my gamertag is AwfulEmperor be a team player no loot stealing that will result in automatic ban i am generous with loot you just have to send me a message and ask and its yours most of the time. i am playing all the way through op8. tricks are ok like the rising shot for zero and gun merging. add me i cant wait to start playing again.

ps. mic is not required i dont use one.
pps. willing to trade weapons.
ppps. diversity makes the game more fun

What times are you usually playing. I’m looking to start a new character. Haven’t really done a co-op playthrough. I’m working the next couple nights but I can send you a friend request. GT is Tops Drop

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I’m also interested, got a mecromancer at level ten waiting to find someone to play with

Gt: getsomenutzfool

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Friend requests sent. I’m usually on between 11pm and 4am central time occasionally during the day too.

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just add me as a friend i have a lvl 15 zero so it wont be too off set and i will farm a little to gain lvls i just farmed a couple of mutated varkids for a couple of bonus lvls

So I work mornings most days so I am open in the after noon till about 7 co-op can be fun just as I said I’m generous with loot so no need to ninja steal

GT DisclosedBarrel, I’m good to play. Msg me or friend me