Any possible way to get "Vault Veteran" heads?

Now I love…love the handsome jack collection. Being able to play these two games again on the PS4 is great!

The one thing that sucks though is…well I don’t have my “Borderlands” heads.

Axton’s Vault Veteran: Lancer
Maya’s Vault Veteran: Dr. Crazy
Salvador’s Vault Veteran: Sledgehammer
Zer0’s Vault Veteran: Arachn1d

If anyone has an answer for this please tell, I love Dr. Crazy for Maya. D:

PS: is there anyway to get the Community Day 2013 heads? I’m a head hunting spree and so far those and the Vault Veteran heads are my only missing ones.

ya need borderlands 1 to get those heads. for the community heads you can purchase to get those and 2 games for the pc not sure though if those still exists for the community items.

PS4 though…My save file is on the PS3 D:

ya need the ps3 version of borderlands 2 in order to get those heads example dr crazy for maya

Ah so Cross Saving…well that sucks for me D: well thank you for telling me.

i know this is probably a little late but YES THERE IS A WAY!!! i got the dr crazy head last night on ps4. Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode Level 54. it was in a normal uncommon chest during tiny tina dlc. im not gonna act like i know the drop rates or any specific details LOL cause i have no idea how i managed to get it to drop.


Holy crap…well thank you my man I’ll go and try to farm them right away >3< you brought hope back~

Now only if I can get the community day ones lol

Ok! found something out about the Community Day heads…found this out on the wiki

“Also can be found as a random drop in game. Best way to farm them is by smashing Bulllymong Piles near Claptrap’s Place. Be sure to use them as they will vanish if moved into the Bank, Claptrap’s stash or if you save and quit. Unlocking them with one character will unlock them for all existing characters.”

Wow that is crazy.

I think Tiny Tina must have a pretty good, or maybe the only, drop rate for the Vault Veteran heads. I found a Sledge head for Salvador from a pile of dirt in Flamerock Refuge by Sir Reginald.

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The only way you are supposed to be able to acquire the Vault Veteran heads is to have a save-game from BL1. The Vault Veteran heads should not even be able to be acquired via an in-game drop. If anyone has gotten a Vault Veteran character head as an in-game drop while playing BL2 (as part of The Handsome Collection), then it is probably as the result of a bug.

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That’s old info
i’m also looking for the community day heads
and any info on how to get them now would be greatly appreciated.

Can it drop zero’s vault veteran head?

You need to actually beat both playthroughs in borderlands 1 to get those heads. Also, you should be able to transfer your ps3 save to the ps4. If you use the same psn account, that is.

I got bl1 after blthc and put it straight on my xb1. When i beat playthrough 2 will kt give me the heads?


Holy crap! Is this for real!?

I asked 2K directly if it’s possible through their support email and this was their answer;

So, unfortunately, it isn’t possible elided by VH101 'cos reasons

sorry for the necro, but I was trying to find out about vault veteran in HC recently and don’t want to give others false hope.

OK, I’m going to lock this because thread Necromancy is just dead wrong.

You should know, however, that it is still totally possible to get the Vault Veteran stuff on XB1 and PS4 legitimately if you still have your old 360 or PS3 - if you got them there, they will transfer when you transfer your first character to the new current console.