Any possiblity to switch back to OP8 without DLC?

So I missed the opportunity to get the new DLC for free and when I started the game yesterday the first time after a year or so, I was just shocked that I can’t switch to OP8 with my 2 characters I farmed hundreds of hours with.
Since BL3 is coming my class mates were talking about the game so I was like " yeah, let’s go farming again" but apparently they dropped a new and free for a month DLC which is cool and stuff but I missed it and I’m not willing to spend another 15 bucks to get my characters back and the OP levels I unlocked years ago. i bought the game 2 times for different platforms with all the DLCs, so gearbox give us the opportunity to play at least on OP8 without paying another 15 Euro. That’s just a bitchmove imo if there’s no other way around it. If there is though let me know


I might suggest waiting for the DLC price to drop. My guess is it will probably be cheaper around BL3 launch week, thanksgiving and new years.

I haven’t played the game with that patch but without the DLC so I don’t know what it’s like, but at least your OP8 gear should be usable. I’m guessing though that you’re only able to play on OP0? So you’re unable to get new OP8 gear I guess.

That’s a bummer. I think the OP system has always been a little weird. Especially as I’m pretty sure they didn’t intend to increase the level cap ever again. But then this DLC hit and they did. I’m happy about it but it certainly was unexpected and weird.

I will also suggest that you consider playing a new character to level 72 and just enjoy that level cap. Or take your OP8 characters and dump your gear in a couple mule characters (via split screen or vault or claptrap locker or to a friends account). Reset your playthrough and then go re-earn new loot at the old level 72 cap. I’ve done that for fun in order to bring new life to the game.

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Hey there, yeah, I guess they are going to drop the price at some point but the free DLC hit so late after all the years that I missed the free month and that’s a bad thing when you bought the game twice already and the DLC costs more than a gamekey on steam. I really don’t want to start all over again as I played 3 characters to OP8 on 2 systems and just wanted to farm again and that’s what kinda triggers me right now as it doesn’t give us the choice to play on OP8 without the DLC.
You are right, i play on UVH lvl 72 enemies right now with all my OP8 gear which isn’t a lot of fun due to the heavy damage my gear inflicts. Hopefully they fix this or just give it away for free or real cheap soon when BL3 hits

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It is possible that gearbox add those updates in the free hd update.

Not sure if it will work, no harm trying i guess. Is to delete handsome collection, reinstall and do not update anything (or play online). You will get the version on the disc hopefully without the level cap increase.

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