Any Projectile Recursions to donate?

I am not picky, and would just like any extra level 50 projectile recursion. Thank you in advance, I am open to trading.

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On PC? I just picked up a spare.

Sorry, should have specified. I am on ps4.

U happen to have a spare vindicator ghast call nade?

No. Sorry,I do not have any.

Anything else you might want?

There’s a stacking bug that when you switch guns to Kings call or alien ar legendary it stacks the bonuses and then the recursion will wreck things.

Interesting. I just want it so I have a chance to rush Wotan with my friends. Do you have one you are not using? Just wondering.

I have a fire/rad one that you can have. Non annointed tho

Thanks, I will gladly take it. Are you sure you do not want it. My psn is MommyBammy.

Inv sent

Sorry, I will be at home in like 8 hours. I will friend you as soon as I get home though.


iirc u wanted a cutsman too? I have a lifesteal shock cutsman u can have as well

Wow, thanks! As soon as I get some good legendaries I will send them to you in return. Anything you are looking out for that you might want?

Nothing you wouldnt want to keep for yourself :wink:

Got it. Somehow I get the feeling you have a lot of legendaries. Anyway, thanks again

No prob

I friended you.