Any quality control at all?!?!

Really curious, did ANYONE do any type of testing/quality control for Borderlands 3 or did Gearbox literally make the game and release it thinking it would be perfect???

Above and beyond making the game run well, the amount of bugs that cause the game to lose levels or complete save games or gear in the stash and…well whatever else is happening to the community.

Wonder who gets blamed for dropping the ball on this one…


No game companys test their games anymore.
And we haven’t stoped buying them, so it will only get worse.


I have bought 10 games in the last year right out of the gate and none of them have come close to being as bad as BL3 has been as far as bugs and bad optimization…


Borderlands 1 and 2 where both much worse at launch. I personally haven’t had any issues (besides slight menu lag) on my PlayStation this go around.

I’m sure Gearbox will release an update soon to correct issues.


i really wish they would just fix the crashes. i had to uninstall the game to avoid them. 3-4 years of hardcore gaming and 0 system crashes but within 48h from launch i had ~20


I’ve went hard on BL3 and i’ve had the whole gambit. Lost 3 levels in the middle of my first playthrough: from 27 to 24 on a reload after a lunch break. Now i’m sitting happy at -32 guardian tokens for w/e reason. Also lost (I think) 19 legendaries in my bank. Also the game runs like crud on xbox and the scope sensitivity is always on max regardless of settings. I can undoubtedly see myself loving this but it’s frustrating AF right now tbh.


I’ve asked myself that so many times about so many games. Like if there’s a massive bug or problem that thousands of players are experiencing then there’s no way you can tell me they had anyone bother to test the game at all.

What’s worse is that in many cases it’s obvious that the company KNEW about the problem and simply didn’t care, which is exactly how I feel about Borderlands 3 right now.

Game companies used to have their reputations on the line but now they rush games out the door and patch it later and all is forgiven. Even if they do patch it my opinion of the company has definitely been soured.


Borderlands games are always buggy af on launch it’s crazy but still fun to look back on later

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This is why I’m avoiding launches as much as possible (yeah fell for this one AGAIN!!!)

It’s usually better to get it later and cheaper and better functioning.


Guessing you aint tried to play Gears 5 Coop in Insane then?
Each chapter restart is like RNG where it will mess with everything from weapons/ammo to abilities and even further issues, such as invisible bosses, de-syncs, random unexplained deaths, or best yet, being flung into wall at such a speed i instantly explode into mass gibs.

BL3 is highly fun and playable in comparison.

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Please spare a thought for the QA testers.

I was in commercial IT for 40 years before I retired. I started on mainframes, then mini-computers, through the rise of the PC and left as web applications became the norm. I’ve done my share of testing.

Delivering to PC was always a nightmare. Even in-house, where we tried to control the PC build, they always managed to be inconsistent. As much as we tried to have a variety of testbeds, we knew that someone would have problems.

I cannot imagine testing a game as big and open as BL3. It’s impossible to define everything that can happen and, therefore, it’s impossible to test everything. Thankfully, I’ve never had to test a game but here are just a few of the things I can see that need to be considered - character movement, vehicle movement, skill combinations , map consistency and integrity, NPC actions and dialogue, enemy AI, specific boss AI and a system that can procedurally generate over a billion guns! I’m quite sure there are a LOT more. Think how much the QA team have got right against all the odds.

As for the technical issues, I’m sure GBX have a good range of test PCs but those numbers are trivial compared to the hundreds of thousands of machines that are running the game. As I’ve said, no two user PCs will be the same. In topics here, on technical problems, I have seen people with PC specs identical to mine having all sorts of problems, yet I am playing glitch free.

Posts above have noted how buggy modern games are. If we want the large, complex, open world games we have come to love, we must also expect some problems. The fact is, any large, modern "AAA"game is untestable, if you want zero defects on release. If you want to play on Day 1, you will find problems. If that annoys you, wait a few months for patches to drop. That we have a functioning game at all is thanks to the work of the QA team.


I can pretty much guarantee that they spent a hell of a lot of time testing the game, QA are generally very good at their jobs and manage to find thousands of bugs before release, it’s just that there isn’t always time to fix them all.

It’s not fair to say they didn’t test the game when you don’t see the bugs that they found that were fixed before release.

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I’m a software developer so some perspective:

I guarantee you they tested the game, very thoroughly probably. I also guarantee they knew about a lot of the bugs that are out there.

The problem is coding to a deadline. Coding at times can be difficult and it’s very hard to predict when you’ll be “bug free” on a complex piece of software like BL3. Yet execs and managers still like to pretend it can be done so they set deadlines (usually based on guidance from the actual developers).

But these deadlines are typically set too far in advance to be accurate and can result in forced release of a product that isn’t ready. The more immature a development organization is (in their experience and process), the more likely this problem is to occur.

BL3 is a AAA game though, so I don’t doubt the issues will get resolved in time.


Well said! Having done a very limited amount of testing in the past, to expect something of this scale to be bug free on release is absurd. This will be an ongoing process, and they’ll prioritise any game breaking bugs. Have patience and a touch of understanding, the game isn’t going anywhere.

Srry Op

the deal with Epic clearly doesn-t include people for testing, thats more than obvious

Why do you think they change to a dubious store that don-t even have reviews…

Hint> money and get early suckers that can-t review bomb

It’s a Borderlands game. It is going to be buggy at launch. So far I have run into some annoying things like enemies spawning/falling beneath the floor during a mission where you need to clear all the enemies out of a room to continue. Or a mission item falling beneath the floor to where you can’t pick it up. Overall I haven’t had that bad of an experience, I am on XB1 though.

I’ve been having fun non-stop since the first day. Some occasional animations clipping, and frame drops when things get too crazy, but i’ve never lost a save or ran into any major issues. Too busy to post when i’m playing the game!


I am sorry but this is some shill BS… given the scope and quantity of the bugs, and their near universal appearance across both consoles and PC, all a “tester” would have to do is play the game for more than 25 minutes under ANY circumstances to realize the problems that people are complaining about. This isn’t a case of one or two people complaining about how the game runs poorly on their Ti-87. These problems are ubiquitous across all platforms and are readily apparent to anyone that has made it beyond the tutorial.

These broad sweeping issues and bugs are what QA testers are meant to be sorting out. Patches are meant to deal with the niche cases where some particular circumstance or configuration creates a bizarre problem… not the other way around.


That’s not a cool thing to say. Read the forum rules, please.

You say play more than 25mins, but I’ve got roughly 15hrs so far and not lost saves, loot or any such issues.

It’s not quite as easy as you say it is I’m afraid.

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