Any quality control at all?!?!

The only problem with this argument is that a lot of these issues are UI issues.

Not buggy quests or geometry issues. Buying and selling. Banks losing their contents. Real game breaking issues for a lot of people.

I get it, I really do, AAA development is hard. But modern developers are using the internet as a crutch. You used to have to ship a game DONE. Now they are lazy and push garbage out the door, with the expectation that “oh, the ‘community’ will bug test it for us”.

Add to that pre-ordering, micro transactions, rmt loot boxes… the industry is getting lazy, predatory and generally crappy, and we are allowing it because we need our “next fix”.

It could be a little bit of everyone’s fault. Yes developers seem to need to make changes constantly nowadays. And we as consumers aren’t asking for the same type of product anymore. All games are becoming lifestyle games, we need new stuff to hold our interest and they try to rush products to meet our demands. The true lie of life; innocence brother.

On top of this, there are still game cartridges if I am not mistaken (switch?) and those games have to be complete and ready to run with no updates.

The argument that all game companies do this now…god I hate that and it just gives everyone a free pass for doing a shoddy job.

Agreed. “Everyone else is doing it…” is not now, nor has it ever been a valid argument.

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Apparently the people claiming this argument never had their parents/grandparents ask the age old question “If your friends jumped off a bridge would you do the same?”

96% of unhappy customers dont complain based on what metric? im sure they complain to their friends. thats easier than going back into the store or calling them. yaknow whats even easier? posting on a forum bitching about it. unless that study was including online forums specifically, i dont buy it. i dont feel @Psychichazard was being disingenious at all. they are giving a rough and easy way to realize that forum goers complaining arent representative of the masses. that is all.

Just wanted to update that my ease of use and lack of issues did not last very long.

This last patch 11/21/ has completely messed up this game for me.

I now get crashes(blue screens) about every hour or so, seemingly at random. The Guardian Ranks no longer work. A lot of class skills are either broken or super out of balance now. Drop rates are horrendous now.

Like literally everything is broken in this game now and each patch seems to make it worse off.

Even the thing I thought would surely be fixed by now haven’t been touched, like the tiny item card text handy been addressed. Vertical split screen still lacking. Menu lag(even in single player) is game ending at times.b

Item cards can’t be seen due to tiny text and poor choice of color/design layout. Item cards mixed up and not even matching what it’s supposed to be.

Class imbalance is horrible. Skills are often bugged or glitchy/inconsistent.

Even the story is lacking and has no continuity with previous games.

Character development is flat and lame(my name is Tina and I’m REEEEAL crazy!) Wtf.

I feel bad doing it but I could go on all day.

Literally every aspect of this game currently feels busted, broken, bugged or lacking and my optimism tan out a while ago. This last patch was supposed to be a Hail Mary but it just broke the game even worse for me, technically and mechanically.

Fortunately there are other games and other hobbies and hopefully Gearbox will get their act together and I can possibly revisit a collectors edition or some such down the road…

Being a long time Borderlands fan from the beginning I am sorely disappointed with the way this release had been handled and I am embarrassed now that I defended them so rightiously in the beginning.

At this point, hopefully Gearbox can outsource some help from somewhere and perhaps dig this game out if the massive hole that it has slid into.

Goddamn disappointing after waiting so long.

Edit: Have also since lost my bank and then later all my fast travel points. Yeah all these things at up and when your fighting crashes and performance issues just to play and everything is still bug ridden and wack, really, even your biggest most die-hard fans have a break point.

Tangent: I love how everything you buy has a card inside the packaging that says, “if you have a problem with this product, don’t take it back to the store!”

I usually want to deal with customer service exactly zero times a year. Be it game related, or appliance related. I might be a little cynical, but I swear their end game is “run out the clock until they can’t take it back”.


It is working though.

Read most of the forums and I STILL find it amazing how many people are giving Gearbox a complete pass saying they will fix it eventually, yet they have had 1 small patch and 1 huge patch that did exactly…wait for it…NOTHING IMPORTANT. How do you have a patch that is almost as big as the game, yet does nothing???

I mean sure, it altered a few skills and added a few items along with content, but exactly what did it to for console players?

We have been asking for vertical screen since BEFORE launch…nothing.

Most of us have horribly bad lag…nothing.

Most of us get even worse lag in the menus…nothing.

All of us get game breaking lag in split screen…nothing.

So for console users, these are the biggest problems with the game, yet all they do is add content and ignore everything we ask for…


It is a problem for SOME console users and that perhaps explains why not everyone is sharpening their pitchforks as we speak.

Here is my case:

  • XBOX never shuts down (fingers crossed…)
  • Menus are slower than in previous games, yes. Annoying, but not enough to rage quit.
  • Play solo only, so co-op lag and split screen issues not a factor (but I’m with you that it is bad place for coop players to be in)
  • Never had a Butcher, Hex, Queen’s Call, Maggie, Legendary COMs so nerfs etc. did not impact me.
  • Don’t farm, so drop rate complaints do not apply to me
  • Did not even make it to Mayhem level and/or new raid.
  • Don’t play Meta game, so re-balancing is not impacting me.
  • Same with Guarding ranks bug - having 0 of them, so…

TLDR - casual players or anyone who does not go min-max way, are not impacted as much as some posts here make you believe.

But yes, if you do (and let’s not forget co-op players) - your experience is probably not pleasant.

I read that and see “I played bl3 for 2 hours so my opinion is fact and you are wrong”.
Game is garbage as is and want proof my opinion is right? Go look at achievements and see what percentage of players even made it to 50 before quitting. Bugs and lag this day in age is forgivable and even expected. But this game was already lacking before the hotfixes(Lol hotmesses) .
Maliwan takedown a step in the right direction but if they going to put in long dungeon like content there better be alot more reward for it. First thing they need to do is have a patch that fixes more then it breaks though.
And you not farming is part of what is wrong with bl3. You shouldn’t be able to rush story without doing some side quests and farming. You shouldn’t be able to finish story and go straight to farming mh 4 skipping 1 through 3. And once you do farm the items shouldn’t be generic trash.

More like 40 hours, but go on. Level 34 with Fl4k and ~L10 with every other character. It’s a game, not a job for me.

And thanks for inadvertently strengthening my point - if bulk of players did not make it to 50, they likely don’t care about lots of things you do: M4, Guardian ranks etc. Assuming they still play, of course, but neither you or me have data for this (GBX does, however). Also, what was that number for BL2 at he same time in its lifetime?

You also make a lot of unfounded assumptions about how I play: I do not rush through the game, doing all side quests etc. If anything, I tend to be somewhat over-leveled in my playthroughs. When I say “I do not farm” - I mean that I don’t kill the same unfortunate boss 20+ times. I find it boring and unnecessary.

Disagree. While I perfectly understand and don’t really complain about bug hitting a few % of the player (Yeah, random bug you can’t always reproduce are hard to pon point) they actually released the game with quite a few permanent bug too, like some skill not working.

This part is unforgivable, even low level studio relying on kickstarter usually manage to solve those before launch

As much as I would love to accept your answer, there is that glaring bug that broke all of the Guardian Perks with the Maliwan DLC. Now, I’ve worked in IT for more than 20 years. I’ve worked for some of the largest software developers in the world. I’ve done bug testing on games as a job. There is absolutely no way you can convince me that they playtested that DLC and nobody noticed that the Guardian Perks were broken on all platforms.

They either didn’t play test it and thus didn’t know about the bug or they play tested it, found the bug, and decided that releasing the DLC and trying to get some more sales because of it was more important than fixing the bug that they knew would break all of the existing players games.

Either way it’s a very less than professional way of releasing software updates. Don’t release an update without testing it first and FIXING any bugs in the update you find. Every update should make things better, you should NEVER release an update that breaks your own software.

Could you imagine a car company doing that? Here’s an update that adds features to your car, but it also moves your seat all the way forward and you can’t adjust it because the seat control is broken.


It’s not just guardian ranks, although that should stand out, but all the lag mainly on the xbox and even on a lot of PS4’s? I’m won’t even go into all the other stuff, but the lag on consoles at release would have been IMPOSSIBLE to miss if they even tried to play it on a console.

Yet it was released in this state anyway because they want their dollar’s, even at the expense of a working product.

The worst part is, Guardian Ranks is probably the least impacting of what they broke. The thread here on the forums is a very long list of new bugs. One really annoying one was Zane’s Quick Breather. Which worked completely fine before the patch and is a very important skill. They added a new aspect to it which should buff it but they completely broke it in the process. Seriously wth?

I just don’t see how you can add something to a skill, and then not realize you broke the whole skill completely with any amount of testing. Like didn’t you test if the new addition worked at all? If so how do you not notice not only does it not work now the main part of the skill doesn’t either.


I must disagree. In the context of the DLC that introduced the bug it was near game breaking. You have to remember, this update introduced Mayhem 4, and a whole lot of people that had M3 builds and were actually ready for the M4 challenge quickly found that their carefully crafted builds didn’t work because teh Guardian Rank perks were broken. Especially in mass mob fights like the Maliwan DLC losing the ability to aim down the sites in FFYL, the loss of the Hollow Point perk, and the loss of the Action Skill cooldowns really hurt a lot of players experience.

That’s why it was such a hot topic and such a glaringly obvious QC problem. How can you release a Mayhem 4 update and not notice that you broke all of the perks that are primarily for Mayhem builds.

Anyone still playing and not 50 would be a very rare super casual. On ps4 27 percent are 50 that is less then 20 hours /played casual or not. And since when did casuals start flashing thier casual badge around like they proud? It’s an excuse nothing more.
And you are right they dont care most just quit in disgust few care enough to post or feel it is too messed up to fix.
And sounds exactly like i thought you played. And farming the same boss over and over is boring. And is also why the game is garbage you get almost nothing for reward playing as you do. Rewards were so unbalanced that you did 1 of 4 things or got squat but then 2 of those things were nerfed so now we have 2 things. Recent patches have somewhat spread the loot out but still not rewarding to just play the game.

I will say this, I played BL1 and BL2 thousands of hours each and farmed everything except the Norfleet and Twister in BL2.

In BL3 I got all 4 classes to 50 and got some decent gear and could solo M3 easy enough, but the fact that Gearbox refuses to fix the game for so many console users, and also breaks the game more than they actually fix it, has made me a casual for this game now.

Gearbox has lost a customer that purchased every single thing every Borderlands had to offer including POPS! merchandise as well as DLC stuff simply because this fiasco with BL3 has shown me it was the original BL team that cared about the games and wanted to make them special. The old crew made the game special “IN SPITE” of Randy, not because of him.

Randy has shown an absolute lack of caring for BL3 and caters to a new crowd of players, and those players will defend him despite the complete lack of console support for BL3.

Not just console,on PC it only got worse for me.
Yeah how that’s even possible IDK,it seems to be very common with UE4 games.