Any quality control at all?!?!

I tend to experience little to none of the reported issues on games on my PC. Even with Fallout 76 which I pre-ordered and played during those early access periods the only glitches I ever ran into were broken quest flags. The mountain of over widespread issues people claimed everyone had didn’t exist when I played it.

On this game the only issue’s I’d run into were early instances of IB instantly despawning without a CD refund, Falling through the map a couple times, the succulent quest on zane having a broken progression trigger because of a random crash when I’d killed one of the skags (objectives are all checked but not transitioning to the next step), and in the early days after launch I’d found stacking enough move speed boost on Moze while having the skill that allowed shooting while sprinting was causing the game to crash when doing so because of the move speed bonuses.

Posted this in another thread, but I’ll repeat it here:

People forget that programming is very much a talent, and not all major developers are equally talented. Pretty obvious by now that this dev team is in over their heads and do not know how to make a lot of this stuff work. I mean look at how bad their matchmaking is, or the fact that they are struggling to program skippable cutscenes, things that other devs have been able to acheive for literally two decades now. They can’t even get the characters’ skills to work properly half the time. I honestly don’t think this developer has a talented enough staff to compete these days.

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Just people who want to make some easy money off of fools who thought this would be a decent game. Fool me once GB, shame on you

I was definitely skeptical, given how poor their other developed titles were since BL2. Even looking back at BL2, it had a lot of problems that people were willing to over look due to it coming out back in 2012. I thought though, with 7 years between titles and a lot of new staff working on BL3, plus all of the advancements that have been made in the looter genre, that maybe they could turn things around with BL3 and implement some fresh ideas. Instead it is the same old story: horrible RNG, broken skills and items, terrible balancing efforts (I will give them credit for at least trying this time around, but the changes they make are head scratching), awful network coding, and a fundamental lack of understanding of the looter genre and also how to code properly.

I’m on XB1X and while I had issues at the beginning with the sound cutting out and the Xbox shutting down on occasion, which wasn’t fun at all, for the last few weeks I don’t remember having had a single hardware issue. So from my personal experience on console it certainly looks like they have tried to fix things

And 4 months later…how wrong I was.

I was the most vocal Gbx supporter and the most die-hard Borderhead ever…but my faith is being extinguished.

I still have a hope…but it’s not from a rational part of my brain; it’s simply from my love for the franchise as a whole (1,2,Pre, & Tales).


This is my feeling as far as hope.

I keep hoping Gearbox will figure it out but personally, I am done on the xbox and I will wait for the GOTY edition on Steam when it goes on sale for $15.

I would have poured a couple hundred buying every DLC/Headhunter/Cosmetic just like I did with BL2, but Gearbox has killed that.

I have never seen such a badly hidden money grab from any company as BL3 has turned out to be.