Any quality control at all?!?!

I tend to experience little to none of the reported issues on games on my PC. Even with Fallout 76 which I pre-ordered and played during those early access periods the only glitches I ever ran into were broken quest flags. The mountain of over widespread issues people claimed everyone had didn’t exist when I played it.

On this game the only issue’s I’d run into were early instances of IB instantly despawning without a CD refund, Falling through the map a couple times, the succulent quest on zane having a broken progression trigger because of a random crash when I’d killed one of the skags (objectives are all checked but not transitioning to the next step), and in the early days after launch I’d found stacking enough move speed boost on Moze while having the skill that allowed shooting while sprinting was causing the game to crash when doing so because of the move speed bonuses.