Any reason to farm Armory during Armory Assault?

See title; any reason to farm during Assault instead of Christmas Morning?

Also, are the later looting missions any different to farm than Armory Assault?

I’m in Playthrough 2.5 and I’m level 59.

My experience was that the later missions dropped better loot. You may as well since it doesn’t take a lot of time to collect the cores etc.

Fair enough. I’ve never completed Armory Assault, so if I get better loot by doing so then I guess I better go for it.

the actual mechanics of each run are exactly the same. Beat Knoxx, spend time in armory. Immediately after you’ve done it the first time go straight to Marcus and he will give you a mission to collect cores by killing different types of soldier. You can have that running in the background while doing other missions.

The final run, It’s Like Christmas, gives great loot. I’ve had no end of top level Legendaries and other gear from there. I tend to run through the first ones once only and then do my farming on the last one. Just remember not to actually trip the timer on the final run as I believe once you turn the mission in you can’t get back in.