Any Reliable healing for BM SoR moze?

I’ve been trying to find and reliable constant source of healing and the only thing I’ve found is cheesy transformer healing and moxxi weapons still dont heal enough. If you have any ideas that may synergize well for shield healing please post them here to try to free moze player to be forced down DM tree.

There really isn’t alot of options. Maybe Facepuncher + Knife Drain Deathless? Throw in Scrappy so that you can swap to / swap away from your facepuncher as quickly as possible

2 points in Thin Red Line with Tenacious Defense and a Re Charger shield has been my main for tanking with BM/SoR. If you’re doing the games more difficult content at MH4 then You’ll want the health and shield anoint on it, of failing that a 160% splash anoint on your main gun. Both anoints boost your shields by 75% which really helps the Re-Charger.

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Ive been using an otto idol w/ passive health regen and a stopgap lately; needs extra cooldown reduction on mod and/or shield though (to refill with fcow)

  • Also following 2 points inTRL

It could be just me but when I played BM/SoR the most reliable healing was … SECOND WIND xD
another sustain skill like vampyr in red and/or green tree would be nice

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Probably a bloodletter with +3 on TRL (+3 already spec in TRL) paired with a Otto Idol and a transfusion maddening grenade or other healing grenade.
A mendel multivitamin would be beneficial too since it will add base health and if I’m not mistaken the otto idol heals for 18% of max health.

Probably all of this is not practical at all.

Well, this is the million dollar question. How do we heal and survive in M3/M4? What I have found to be nearly bullet proof, is a recharger shield, a Last Stand artifact and Tenacious Defense. That’s 3 layers of death protection. Of-course Vampyr for healing. Iron Bear for emergency situations. Although I’m not a very pro-active gamer, I prefer over-powering my enemy, so sometimes I don’t think to hop into IB when I should. The only times that I go into last stand are during Wotan fights, I still get 1 shotted or simply ambushed, and Slaughter a shaft when there are 4 or 5 Heavy’s launching rockets at my face. All of this in TVHM M4.

We hope, we pray, that Moze gets a buff in healing soon.

You don’t need to heal if you have more than 30k shields (or arguably 20k shields on a 1-2 second recharge delay). Also, the Bloodletter with a maddening Atlas grenade or something similar.

A good Blast Master com with 3 points in Vampyr and a Cloning Maddening Tracker, Cloning Ghast Call or Epicenter grenade.

I often run a Last Stand Otto Idol (or just Last Stand in general). Don’t underestimate 149 hp regen on your class mod and artifact, especially with a Bloodletter class mod.

I agree on the max of 2 points in TRL to maintain health gating. And the 75% buff on shield is great. Transformer is still strong with its 40% absorb.

I also have had great luck with the Tenacious Defense + Recharger or a Big Boom Blaster with Vampyr.

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Don’t forget Double Downer shield.

FFYL duration is doubled.
25% Weapon damage
150% Accuracy and handling

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Here everyone talking about big shields while I’m trying out a full SoR build with 1500 shields haha.

The build works in M4 shaft, but it’s not as good as going up the other trees.

Blast master with +2 Vampyr is still the crutch in it though.

Hell yeah, #1HPSITORAK4LYFE!

Haha not a deathless sitorak, the object of the build was avoiding as many shield boosts in SoR as possible (except SV, just taking VI because it doesn’t add much to a sitorak) and get to the capstone.

The idea behind it is always having TD proc.

I call it Tenacious Offense :sunglasses:


Emergency Response chain flashbacks. The skill not the GR perk.

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Hardly played that one, but yeah haha exactly like that. Only problem is TD damage boost is not even close to worth it

Ive gotten though 13 rounds of slaughter shaft; plus about 8 different takedown runs without tossing a single grenade by using the otto idol/ stopgap thing… (maxxed out shield to 16k, lil tougher once it hits 20k - would be even easier with TD) yes it was with a blastmaster - but the vamp wasnt needed

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I’ll have to test that later today because I remember trying that a few months back and it wouldn’t heal with a blood letter but might’ve been patched

I also didnt think healing grenades added to blood letter will have to give it a go.

I usually rock about 40000+ but without health gate you’re basically screwed if you ever get caught overwhelmed on slaughtershaft or takedown

Yeah I neglect the otto idol because I hate kill based perks but 18% would definitely save you for mobbing. Debating on this or last stand